V-Cube Trials Telecube at ANA Haneda Lounge

Creating a comfortable working space in airport lounges where people can hold web conferences and work without worrying about their surroundings

V-cube, Inc. has been selected by All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. for the trial introduction of private booths as part of its efforts to create a comfortable environment in airport lounges. Three “Telecube” will be installed in the ANA Suite Lounge at Haneda Airport domestic flights for a limited time and will be available to lounge guests from October 11, 2021. working space in airport

With the increase in the number of customers holding remote meetings in airport lounges, many customers have been requesting private work booths that they can use without worrying about the noise and eyes around them. In response to the feedback from customers, ANA has decided to set up a trial for a limited period to ensure a comfortable stay for all customers using the lounge. In selecting the private booths, “Telecube” was evaluated for its high sound insulation, comfortable interior space, and hygienic specifications. A questionnaire survey will be conducted during the trial, and studies for practical use will be conducted in the future.

Since 2017, V-cube has been providing “Telecube,” a private work booth that solves the “no place for web conferencing” problem. With the penetration of telework and the daily use of remote communication such as web conferencing and online seminars, installation in offices and public spaces is accelerating, and as of the end of June 2021, more than 4200 units have already been used.

TELECUBE | V-cube, Inc.

Employees embrace flexible working hours - Phonebooth-sized offices debut in Japan for telecommuting masses | The Economic Times

TELECUBE | V-cube, Inc.

The outline of the installation is as follows.
1. Installation location
Haneda Airport Terminal 2, Main building, south side (near gate 62), 4th floor, near ANA SUITE LOUNGE reception area

2. Trial period
October 11, 2021 (Mon) ~ for about 3 months * Available during lounge hours, from 9:00am on the first day

3. Users
ANA SUITE LOUNGE users at Haneda Airport domestic flights

4. Booths and Features
3 private work booths “Telecube Solo Type” (made of steel, for 1 person)
・Soundproof design that you don’t care about your surroundings.
With a soundproof design that blocks outside noise and minimizes sound leakage from inside, you can communicate by phone or web conference without worrying about your surroundings.
・Booth design for a comfortable stay
The booth is fully equipped with a desk, sofa, and power outlet where you can charge your PC while working. You can spend your time in a private space without worrying about the people around you.

What is “Telecube”?

Telecube is a private work booth that can be easily installed in many different locations. Internal table, chair, power outlet, etc. are installed, enabling the creation of materials, e-mail, and other operations, as well as communication via telephone and web conferencing, in a quiet environment that maintains security. We have lineups of Group 1 type in which you hold meetings with a small number of people, such as Solo and 1 on 1, and Group 2 type in which you hold meetings with a large number of people. It has been adopted as the “STATION BOOTH,” which is being installed at stations as JR East’s sharedoffice business, “STATION WORK”. In addition, V-cube Group is steadily implementing and planning large-scale expansion at the private railway stations, airports, and office buildings. “Telecube”, which is installed in public spaces, is available for hourly charges.

What is V-cube? working space in airport

V-cube’s mission is to “Provide Even Opportunity to everybody”. By creating an environment where people can communicate “anytime” and “anywhere”, V-cube is working to eliminate the diverse inequalities that arise from time-and distance-constraints. Through visual communication, we aim to reduce the time and distance between people and interact, resolve social issues such as a declining birthrate, an aging society, long working hours, education and medical disparities, and realize a society in which all people can equally earn opportunities.

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