USB headset to witness the most significant growth within the large office worker segment

The Global Professional Headset Market is anticipated to register a CAGR of over 11.84% over the forecast period (2021-2026). usb headset


The growth of business process outsourcing and call centers due to the evolving business environment and government involvement has increased the demand for the professional headphone market.

  • The growing importance of audio and video conferencing within the teams in the corporations is delivering growth opportunities for microphone vendors. The same has been confirmed with the lockdown extended in the wake of COVID-19 making these the critical components for carrying business as usual.. Buyers demand better sound quality as the number of meeting rooms per location is on the rise, and the use of meeting rooms for remote conferencing is increasing.
  • The market is becoming more competitive, with various enterprise communications endpoint vendors either reflecting the professional headset launches as part of their portfolio or enhancing the existing portfolio with new headset models to the market.
  • Cisco, in 2018, launched its own line of professional headsets, indicating that it is looking forward to capitalizing on the considerable growth opportunities in this space. Further, a Danish company RTX created a new line of DECT headsets and offers original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partnering opportunities for the design, development, and production processes of its wireless units. As software communications and collaboration services are gaining traction and usage among office workers, an increasing number of enterprise communications providers are evaluating OEM relationships to resell professional headset products under their own names and branding.usb headset
  • While USB-based corded PC headsets are expected to witness the most significant growth within the large office worker segment, wireless headsets that connect to the PC or notebook through a USB device or hub are expected to prevail within the executive and senior management segments. Vendors have improved wireless headset technology. Hence, the wireless headset segment is expected to drive the professional headset sector. Vendors are now offering wireless headsets with sound quality that is comparable to that of wired headsets.
  • The advent of artificial intelligence, such as automation and automation in the business process, is reducing the number of individuals working on business process outsourcing. Several banks are shifting their focus towards AI since people often interact with their banks to get necessary information, such as checking balances, or to perform basic tasks like paying bills. Also, in the banking and financial industry, the attempt to mitigate the need for live call centers and slit excess costs is significantly visible, owing to the introduction of the chatbot.
  • For instance, Sberbank’s AI, a passive third party to call center transactions, listens to conversations and applies natural language processing (NLP) techniques to these conversations to train them. The program is expected to learn enough within the next few years to expand its role and suggest responses to the call center operator, and allow for full human interactions to get supported by the accuracy and speed of AI. Such deployment of AI in the call center application would significantly hamper the growth of the market studied.

Some of the actions taken by leading professional headset vendors during the COVID-19 pandemic to mitigate disruption in the supply chain and help in the provisioning of headsets to WFH individuals include: reconfiguring manufacturing sites and implementing specific safety protocols; working diligently with key suppliers and contract manufacturers to expand production capacity to fulfill backlogs as quickly as possible; prioritizing orders placed by first responders, governments, and healthcare organizations; following World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) directions to safeguard employee health and safety; and strengthening general relationships with channel partners and IT service providers.

To overcome the impact of COVID-19 most of the leading players in the market are investing on research and novel product development. usb headset

The following are the major key players:

  • iMicro
  • SONY
  • KOSS
  • Sandberg
  • JPL
  • VXi Corporation
  • Somic
  • Creative Technology


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