eSIM vs iSIM

US Mobile introduced instant connectivity with eSIM’s

US Mobile, an MVNO in the US that uses networks from T-Mobile and Verizon, announced the commercial availability of eSIM technology for its service. us mobile esim

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Last year, the operator launched data-only eSIMs for the US and more than 140 other countries.  Now, they’re rolling out eSIMs for the Super LTE network as part of another Beta launch.

As part of the BETA release, US Mobile selected the iPhone SE (2nd gen), iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, all of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, and the Pixel 4a to test the eSIM customer experience. With the in-house software and UX layers already completed, eSIMs will be available for more and more devices in the coming weeks.

“eSIMs will make connecting simpler, and also offer features that we have never seen before – like being able to switch plans instantly, getting live-at-arrival connectivity when traveling abroad, or intelligently shifting between networks,” the company wrote on its website. “This will spark new ecosystems and services that will transform the way we live and work.”

Connecting with an eSIM is quick and easy.

US Mobile said customers with compatible phones can sign up for its service by scanning a QR code.
(Source: US Mobile)


SIM cards have something called an IMSI profile that are basically keys used to authenticate your phone to a network and vice-versa. Physical SIMs can store only one IMSI profile, so if you ever want to connect to a different network, you’d need a new key, which means you’d need a new SIM. eSIMS on the other hand, are rewritable SIMs that can have their IMSI profile quickly changed. When you need a new IMSI profile for an eSIM you can just download it, and instantly install it with a few taps.


What are the other benefits of eSIM?

Instant Connectivity

eSIMs make connecting to (and changing) networks a snap with just a few taps in our app This type of instant connectivity puts us one step closer to our future as a Connectivity OS, where users can instantly connect all types of devices, from phones to drones. It’s connectivity for modern life.

More Security and Control

At US Mobile, security is a top priority. eSIMs make it physically impossible to remove a SIM from a phone, and unless the person knows the stolen device’s passcode, they won’t be able to change the profile either.

Multi-Network Capacity

Using eSIMs, you can enjoy the benefits of having two numbers on a single device or having access to two of the best networks in the nation—one on Super LTE and the other on GSM—which will allow you to virtually stay connected anywhere, anytime, with the best coverage possible.


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