US Glamping Market Size by Revenue to Reach USD 1.56 Billion by 2026

The US glamping market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 18% during the period 2020−2026. us glamping market

Key highlights offered in the report:

  • There is a significant demand for a simplified and luxurious camping experience outside in nearly every major metropolitan city in the US. The best way to meet this demand is to consider for refurbishing underperforming campgrounds and building free-standing glamping resorts on vacant property, hence driving market growth.
  • After the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the US glamping sector has rebounded with a great summer performance that has lasted well past the customary end of the season, as consumers have observed outdoor recreation as safer and healthier than other types of travel or leisure activities.
  • Based upon these economic and demographic trends, it is evident that US population growth includes a shift in ethnicity and race. As this changing population profile visits national parks, vendors should consider the glamping preferences of this visitor population when developing future strategies.
  • Western and southern regions of the highest share of the US glamping market. These regions are growing at a CAGR of 16.07% and 16.81%, respectively.
  • The Western region accounted for the highest share of the US glamping market owing to the presence of the largest number of campgrounds in the region. The western US has the second highest population, the second highest mean personal income, and a significant market share of the tourism and hospitality industries, all of which significantly support the demand for glamping in the region.
  • In 2020, the glamping market by cabins accounted for 37.68%. Cabins are witnessing considerable growth in the traditional camping and glamping industries.
  • The US glamping market by public land posted revenue of USD 350.69 million in 2020. Glampers and glamping companies largely depend on public land for a luxury outdoor experience. Given that the public land in the US offers a variety of outdoor experiences, from waterfalls to active geysers to paddling to whitewater rafting, they are among the most visited.
  • The fastest-growing states in the US will provide scope for vendors to capitalize in the coming years. For instance, TexasUtahWashington, and Colorado are some of the fastest-growing states in the country. Most of these states have high median disposable incomes and a growing personal income at a rate of nearly 5%–8%. Thus, all these factors will accelerate the demand for smart locks during the forecast period.

U.S. Glamping Market: Segmentation

  • In 2020, the glamping market by cabins accounted for 37.68%. In the US, cabins are designed in such a way to meet the campers’ demands. For instance, Sandy Pines Campground, which offers safari tents and RV hookups, introduced 12 cam carriages in 2018 fitted with AC, beds, exterior window shutters, seating areas, and firepits.
  • Glampers and glamping companies largely depend on public land for a luxury outdoor experience. The US Glamping market by public land ownership is expected to reach USD 911.70 million by 2026. Glamping seems more secure and comfortable on private lands than on public sites.
  • Several new and old vendors are extending their businesses to accommodate and set up the whole shebang for these events. They offer bespoke, curated full-service event production and provide for-hire accommodation, taking care of everything from gourmet food to live music to activities to overnight stays. Thereby, the event segment is expected to boost in the US glamping market.

U.S. Glamping Market by Accommodation

  • Cabins
  • Safari Tents
  • Yurts
  • Treehouses
  • Tipis
  • Others


U.S. Glamping Market: Dynamics

The US offers an open data policy to support several government initiatives, such as open government principles and government partnerships. Several brands have arisen across the US as the glamping lodging industry has grown in terms of popularity and use by travelers. CaliforniaNew YorkColoradoWashington, and Texas are the largest glamping markets in the US. The profitability of smaller companies is linked to their proposition, and geographic specificity is given that guests travel only a certain distance from their homes when it comes to camping. The country is rich in terms of the tourism and hospitality sectors, the medical field, and the business sector, which attracts millions of people as tourists, patients, business tycoons for business meetings, and more. Hence, creating high opportunities for the players to accelerate the growth in the market.

Key Drivers and Trends Fueling Market Growth:

  • Growth in Luxury Travel Activities
  • Significant Urbanization in Us
  • Increasing Popularity of Music Festivals
  • Significant Influence of Campaigning

U.S. Glamping Market: Geography

The glamping market is expected to rise in the Northeastern region owing to the high disposable income and the increasing penetration of glamping in urban areas in the region. Foreign travel is expected to make a higher contribution to revenue generation from the glamping market. It attracts millions of tourists to the state, generating demand for glamping activities in the northeastern region of the country. The West Coast is demonstrating the highest interest in glamping. The largest glamping markets in the US are CaliforniaNew YorkColoradoWashington, and Texas. Moreover, the southern region holds the second-highest share of the glamping market in the country. Texas and Florida boost the glamping demand in the region.

Key Vendors

  • The Resort at Paws Up
  • Under Canvas
  • Collective Retreats
  • Tentrr

Other Prominent Vendors

  • Asheville Glamping
  • AutoCamp
  • Capitol Reef Resort
  • Camp’d Out
  • Conestoga Ranch
  • El Cosmico
  • El Capitan Canyon
  • EXP Journeys
  • Fireside Resort
  • Fireside Resort
  • Hoot Owl Hill
  • Kestrel Camp
  • Minam River Lodge
  • Nomadics Tipi Makers
  • Sandy Pines Campground
  • Sinya
  • Ventana Big Suris
  • Walden Retreats
  • Wigwam Motel



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