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UPC Switzerland sees mobile telephony has almost doubled

UPC Switzerland said it has recorded an increase in mobile telephony of 90-100 percent since the start of the Covid-19 crisis. On its fixed network, download traffic is up just 1 percent, while the upload traffic has jumped 38 percent since the beginning of the crisis. UPC believes that the growth was caused by an increasing number of people working from home. The small increase in downloads may be compensated by the decision of Netflix to reduce the quality of its streams.

However, even without these measures, UPC would have sufficient network capacity available so customers do not have to worry. Since, despite the increased use, the network is absolutely stable and there is no risk of network capacity bottlenecks. “UPC has invested massively and substantially in its network over the past few months and now this is paying off. We invest around 200 to 300 million Swiss francs a year in our infrastructure. Our network infrastructure and technology is unique and more powerful than any other Swiss network. If necessary, UPC could even increase capacity,” says Markus Bucher, Chief Technology Officer at UPC.

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The use of mobile telephony has almost doubled (+90%-100%). Here too, UPC can handle the increase without any problems.


Satisfied customers despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus upc switzerland

Driven by the activities and investments made as part of the growth plan, customer satisfaction has been rising steadily since the beginning of 2019. In addition, it is now also clear that UPC is excellently prepared for the challenges arising in connection with the coronavirus and has taken the right measures, such as the free speed upgrade for its Internet customers, unlocking its children’s channels at no extra cost and the shops still being open in order to be close to customers: “Customer satisfaction and UPC’s referral rate are currently at an all-time high and, for Internet products and satisfaction has more than doubled since the coronavirus crisis. We are there for our customers and they can rely on us and our products even in times of crisis – we have proven this in recent weeks,” says Stefan Fuchs, Chief Commercial Officer at UPC. Since the corona situation has got worse, we have even noticed that the demand for our offers has actually increased, while at the same time we receive significantly fewer termination requests. Our customers seem to rely on us and our UPC giganetwork.”


Virtual customer service ensures stable support and satisfied customers

Digitisation is currently being promoted at various levels. Customer service is increasingly being accessed via the digital channels. So various measures have also been introduced in customer service to ensure that UPC can meet the increased support requirements. “To be there for our customers at all times, even during this extraordinary situation, we set up a virtual call centre in just one week. Our customer advisers have been working from home for several weeks now. They got used to the new way of working very quickly and the customers are extremely satisfied with the quality,” says Urs Reinhard, Chief Digital & Customer Officer at UPC.


UPC Business: Continuity, more bandwidth and protection against cyberattacks

Crucial measures were also introduced in the business customer segment. To support Swiss companies in coping with the massive increase in home office work, UPC is increasing the Internet bandwidths of its business customers as much as physically possible free of charge until the end of May 2020. In addition, UPC Business also offers free use of Business Secure Web from mid-April to the end of May. This security product comprehensively protects companies and their employees working from home and at work from cyberattacks. “We do everything necessary to provide our business customers and partners with the best possible support. Our primary focus is currently on continuity of our business activities. All customers are now more dependent than ever  on stable communications infrastructures,” says Marco Quinter, Managing Director Business Services. “UPC has a unique network infrastructure Thanks to the historical structure of our regional cable networks, we have a high-performance fibre optic connection throughout Switzerland, which consists of around 97% optical fibre. In addition, we have unique fibre control systems that enable us to connect the most diverse locations in Switzerland with each other redundantly and by the shortest possible route. Our customers thus benefit from the most efficient network in Switzerland and this pays off especially in such intense times.”


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