UPC Switzerland offers 1 GB roaming data for US, Canada for CHF 39

UPC Switzerland is offering mobile customers 1 GB data to use in the US, Canada, Greenland, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands at a cost of CHF 39 and valid for 30 days

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UPC’s Europe mobile subscriptions offer very low-cost roaming within the EU. Thus, in the Europe subscriptions, the domestic data volume, and the flat rate telephony also in the EU valid. 


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In the case of the Swiss subscriptions, a comparatively favorable minute tariff of 30 centimes applies. For CHF 9.-, a minute package “Roaming Voice Europe 60” with 60 minutes of call is available, which reduces the full-time rate to 15 centimes. The 250 MB data package costs CHF 15.- within the EU and is more expensive compared to other providers. 

Outside the EU, roaming is very expensive as no additional options are available. For example, in the US, an incoming call costs CHF 1.45 and a call to Switzerland costs CHF 2.90 per minute. In all countries outside the EU, the standard rate per megabyte is CHF 10.-, which would cost the equivalent of CHF 10’240.- per gigabyte. Since today there are in the US, Canada, Greenland, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and on the US Virgin Islands remedy. New is a data package with 1 GB for CHF 39.- available.

How to activate the new 1 GB data packet

To activate the package, an SMS with the text “USA 1000” can be sent to the number 872. If 80% and 100% of the package have been used, the customers will receive a reminder SMS. It is advisable to take this seriously, because after consuming the standard rate of CHF 10.- per megabyte will be charged automatically. In addition, a cost limit for roaming can be set in the customer center, which blocks further costs. The default setting for roaming is CHF 200.- and for data roaming CHF 100.-. This prevents too high a bill after the holidays.

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