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UPC Switzerland introduces new business portfolio: more performance at a lower price

UPC Switzerland launches three new internet packages and three new bundle offers (internet, fixed line & TV) for business customers


Higher Internet speed plus an included fixed IP address, and all this at a lower price. A total of six offers with up to 1 Gbit/s upload and download speeds will be available as of 12 March 2019. With prices from CHF 79 to CHF 129, the new UPC Business offers are of particular interest for small businesses and sole proprietors in Switzerland. Limited time offers and a general 20% discount on Mobile subscriptions purchased in addition make the new portfolio even more attractive.

With the launch on 12 March 2019, three new Internet packages and three new bundle offers (Internet, fixed line & TV) will be available. Not only has the Internet speed for the current Internet 200 and Internet 500 bundles been increased to download speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s and 600 Mbit/s. Now the most powerful Internet packages and bundle offers (600 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s) also include a freely available IP address. Additional IP addresses may be purchased for all offers at any time.


Attractive bundles for even more performance

Compared to the previously valid portfolio from UPC Business, the prices for the new offers have been substantially reduced once again. So anyone who chooses one of the new SOHO offers from UPC Business starting 12 March 2019 will benefit not only from higher speeds and the fixed IP address, but also from a significantly lower long-term price than in the current offers (by CHF 10.- to CHF 30.-, depending on the subscription). Anyone who opts for a Mobile subscription from UPC Business in addition to the new subscriptions will save another 20% long-term on the stated basic monthly fees for Mobile.

Marco Quinter, Managing Director Business Services, on the new portfolio: “With these current business packages we are aligning ourselves with the needs of our customers in the SOHO sector. We are convinced that with these, we can offer every customer the best-suited package at an extremely attractive price.”

As a special introductory offer until 11.04.2019, UPC is offering the two Business subscriptions with 300 Mbit/s or 600 Mbit/s for a flat rate of just CHF 49 for the first six months of the contract period.

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