Unlimited Mobile Workplace: Sunrise Makes The Mobile Office The Center Of Its B2B Strategy

Customers can work on any device, anytime, and anywhere, while always being connected to the best network in Switzerland * Business Mobile subscribers receive without additional costs, mobile Internet for their laptop / tablet

‘Companies can open up boundless possibilities by digitalizing infrastructure for communication and collaboration. Mobile offices, temporary product teams, and outsourced services are replacing expensive fixed systems, which leads to lower costs, strengthens the company’s innovative power, and boosts the motivation and productivity of its employees. To make an attractive, innovative, and flexible workplace available to its business customers, Sunrise aligns its products and services entirely with this goal,’ says Robert Wigger, Chief Business Officer, describing the new Sunrise B2B strategy.

Work Smart Services for unlimited teamwork

Since the communication behaviors of coming generations impact the infrastructure of companies, this infrastructure needs to have a suitable design. The ‘war for talent’ makes it important to provide employees with a modern, mobile workplace that meets the high safety requirements. Whether for file sharing, chats, e-mails, phone calls, instant messaging, or video conferences, employees can reach out across companies, no matter where they are or what device they use. Thanks to cloud-based apps and standardized user interfaces, people focus on the essential aspects of their work.

Sunrise and its experts include landline calling in cloud-based apps with chat, e-mail, video, and file and desktop sharing features. Users can access and manage all services through the Sunrise Business Portal. At the same time, companies can always stay on top of things and pay only for what they use.

Anytime – anywhere – any device: always connected

With its Sunrise Connectivity Services, Sunrise makes sure that its business customers are connected 24/7 and without limits. Connectivity services include domestic and international site networking. Secure Internet connections, mobile networking, in-house networks with mobile technology, Wi-Fi or Ethernet – it is all handled in the cloud.

New Sunrise Business customers now get free mobile Internet for their laptop or tablet through a second SIM (SIM card/eSIM) along with their Business mobile subscription.

With its excellent network, Sunrise greatly reduces cable connections and ensures full performance and ease of use. Since they can link their business network to the Sunrise mobile network, employees on any work tool remain connected to the network always, anywhere, and anytime.

They can configure all services based on their individual needs. The network can be easily and clearly monitored from a single tool, the Sunrise Business Portal. There, users always see the current network status transparently across locations; they can select flexible services and add new locations anytime.

Mobile and connectivity

Together with its partners Cisco, Microsoft, Alcatel, Lucent Enterprise, ngena, Huawei, Apple and Samsung, Sunrise is introducing cloud-based apps and the most technologically advanced cloud-based Internet, VPN, and WLAN services to its customers. Thanks to the best network in Switzerland, Sunrise provides with the Unlimited Mobile Workspace the best combination of mobile and connectivity services, thus allowing its business customers to work securely and conveniently from their mobile offices. As a result of this change, companies can reduce their costs by up to 65%.

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