Ukrainian TriMob introduces eSIM

TriMob is the first among Ukrainian mobile operators to offer eSIM to subscribers

The Ukrainian operator TriMob (LLC “TriMob”) together with the international leader in the implementation of identification systems – the company IDEMIA, which provides an adequate level of technologies and protection of identification data, implemented a similar solution for TriMob eSIM and invites subscribers to use it.


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You can receive eSIM from TriMob online without having to search for or wait for a new sim card from the operator. To connect an eSIM device to the TriMob network, the user must scan the QR code provided by the operator and record the new number in the device embedded in the device.

The technology allows the subscriber to download several eSIMs from TriMob, which makes it possible to have two or more phone numbers at one time: one of them can be used for work, the other – for personal calls or answering calls.

Existing TriMob users can save their phone number when migrating to eSIM . Subscribers who have used the Mobile Number Transfer Service (MNP) can also immediately order an eSIM . By the way, more than 600 subscribers have transferred to the TriMob network from other operators during the MNP’s operation, which is twice more than those who left the operator.

Today, eSIM is supported on Apple and Google smartphones and tablets, with full information from manufacturers.

ESIM technology is an alternative to physical seeds that are built into the phone at the production stage. A phone with this card can be used on any mobile network, if supported by this operator. It is used, for example, in the USA, Austria, Canada, India, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany.

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