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superdrug sim-only

UK retailer Superdrug launches 2 new SIM-only plans

Popular health and beauty retailer Superdrug is making a splash in the UK mobile market with the introduction of two new SIM-only plans designed for value-conscious consumers. superdrug sim-only

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Mobile operator Superdrug Mobile, which is a virtual operator (MVNO) on Three UK’s national network, has today announced the re-launch of their “competitive” 4G and 5G SIM Only plans, starting from £10 a month and featuring benefits for Superdrug members.

These plans offer flexibility, generous data options, and a unique rewards program for Superdrug customers.

Plans to Fit Your Needs

Superdrug’s new mobile offerings include:

  • £10 Plan: 30GB of data, unlimited UK minutes and texts, plus data rollover for unused amounts.
  • £20 Plan: Completely unlimited data with no speed throttling, unlimited UK minutes and texts.


per month
  •  Unlimited UK calls and texts
  •  No speed restrictions
  •  Unused data rolls over to the next month
  •  Keep your number
  •  Contract free, cancel anytime
  •  Double Health & Beautycard points on all your Superdrug shopping
  •  £10 in Health and Beautycard points when you start using your SIM


Unlimited DATA

per month
  •  Unlimited UK calls and texts
  •  No UK data caps, no speed restrictions
  •  Unlimited data, so no rollover is needed!
  •  Keep your number
  •  Contract free, cancel anytime
  •  Double Health & Beautycard points on all your Superdrug shopping
  •  £20 in Health and Beautycard points when you start using your SIM
Unlimited means unlimited
No UK data caps
Download all you like, there’s no stopping you.
No speed restrictions
Rest easy, nothing will change, however much you’d like to binge-watch.


Both plans are contract-free and allow you to cancel at any time without penalty.

Supersized Rewards for Superdrug Fans

The real kicker with Superdrug Mobile is the integration with their Health & Beautycard loyalty program. Members will enjoy double points on their purchases at Superdrug.

Additionally, points earned can be used to offset the cost of your monthly plan.

Why Choose Superdrug Mobile? superdrug sim-only

  • Great Value: The prices are competitive, especially considering the rewards program’s added benefits.
  • Flexibility: No contracts mean you can switch things up if your needs change.
  • Superdrug Shopper Bonus: It’s a no-brainer if you’re already a frequent Superdrug customer.

Data rollover

Everyone deserves another chance. That’s why Superdrug gives customers on their plans an extra month to use all their data.
If you have an Unlimited Plan, you do not need rollover, you have all the data already!

Get points to spend in Superdrug

When you activate your SIM, they’ll credit the cost of your plan back in points to your Health & Beauty card. Treat yourself!
Points will take 5 working days to appear on your card after you activate them.


Get double points at Superdrug

Superdrug Mobile customers get double points on absolutely everything in-store and online.


Flexible and contract-free!

This SIM-only plan gives you the freedom to leave whenever you want, but..
Superdrug is betting you’ll stick around.


How are these prices compared to others in the UK market?

£10 Plan (30GB)

Similar Offerings: Several providers offer plans around this price point. Some popular options include:

    • Smarty: 30GB for £10
    • Giffgaff: 25GB for £10
    • Lebara: 30GB for £10

Superdrug’s Edge: The data rollover feature and the rewards program provide additional value for existing Superdrug shoppers.

£20 Plan (Unlimited)

Competitive Pricing: Truly unlimited plans at £20 are competitive. Popular providers with similar plans include:

    • Voxi: Unlimited data for £20 (however, some speed restrictions may apply depending on usage)
    • Smarty: Unlimited data for £20

Superdrug’s Edge: Again, the rewards system sets Superdrug apart. While other providers have unlimited data plans around the same price, you won’t usually get the added bonus of points for your other shopping.

Superdrug’s prices are on par with those of other budget-friendly providers in the UK market. Their plans particularly shine due to:

  • Flexibility: The no-contract structure offers freedom.
  • Rewards: The loyalty program integration is a unique benefit, especially if you regularly shop at Superdrug.

Get Connected superdrug sim-only

You can pick up a Superdrug mobile SIM card in one of their many stores nationwide or order one directly from the Superdrug website.

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