UK Ferry Industry Body: No Changes to EU Ferry Travel Requirements Throughout 2020

Brexit has caused mass confusion among travelers, and even after three postponements of the date the UK leaves the EU, tourists from Britain are still not sure of what’s going to happen.

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At least that’s what a survey carried by the Industry body Discover Ferries suggests, according to which, 68 percent of the people participating in the survey expressed uncertainty about travel changes after Friday, January 31.

The survey also showed that 24 percent of those surveyed have consciously delayed 2020 holiday decisions and 46 percent of respondents wished for more reassurance on travel requirements.

The research indicates widespread confusion about travel to EU countries and even UK ferry travel within the British Isles.

Of 2,000 survey respondents, 68 percent admitted they were not sure what changes will apply for travel to EU countries from February 1, 30 percent said they thought they would need a visa to enter any EU country and almost a fifth (19 percent) thought they would need a passport to travel to Jersey and Guernsey, which are part of the British Isles,” a press release on the survey issued by Discover Ferries reads.

None of the beliefs are actually true, at least not for 2020, which will be the transition period.

Respondents showed similar uncertainty related to traveling with pets, with over a quarter of them, 27 percent, believing they would have to take additional steps to take their pets with them abroad upon Brexit, and 44 percent of them having doubts that their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will no longer be valid. Both beliefs are also untrue.

The director of Discover Ferries Emma Batchelor states that widespread confusion has affected people to delay their holiday plans.

I would, therefore, like to reassure anyone looking to travel by ferry this year that there are no changes; all valid passports, EHIC cards, and pet passports will still be authorized for travel to the EU and there will not be any new requirement for visas to Europe or passports to travel to the British Isles,” she highlights encouraging the UK government and the wider travel sector to support the message that nothing changes this year.

Discover Ferries is an industry body which represents 13 ferry operators in the UK, Ireland and the British Isles. Its role is to promote ferry travel and ferry holidays and to campaign on behalf of its members.

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