Ufone 4G Zong 4G Data Roaming Offers

Unbeatable Data Roaming Offers from Ufone 4G and Zong 4G for Pilgrims to Saudi Arabia

Experience seamless connectivity during your holy pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia with unbeatable data roaming offers from Ufone 4G and Zong 4G, two of Pakistan’s leading telecom companies. These exclusive packages ensure uninterrupted communication with loved ones back home, making your journey even more comfortable and connected.

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Ufone 4G, a leading Pakistani Telecom Company, has launched an unbeatable and best value Data Roaming Offer for its prepaid customers traveling to Saudi Arabia for the Holy pilgrimage. This exclusive bundle offers unlimited access to WhatsApp calls, allowing unrestricted communication with friends and family back home.

Ufone 4G offer is valid for 40 days Ufone 4G Zong 4G Data Roaming Offers

For just PKR 4000, customers can enjoy a generous allocation of 7000 MBs of data and unrestricted access to WhatsApp calls and messages from Saudi Arabia. The offer, once subscribed, is valid for 40 days, covering the entire period of Hajj. While Ufone 4G offers data roaming services in Saudi Arabia throughout the year, this exclusive offer aims to provide additional convenience to Ufone 4G users, helping them meet their communication needs effortlessly.

This Hajj Data Roaming offer reflects Ufone 4G’s steadfast commitment to providing the best value for money to its users. The price of this bundle is the lowest in the industry, while the data bucket is substantial enough to cater to the data requirements of customers during the extended validity period of 40 days.

Ufone 4G’s commitment to prioritizing customer-centricity is evident in this offer. The company continues to innovate and invest in services that touch upon multiple socio-cultural aspects of its customers’ lives. Ufone 4G’s ability to cross national boundaries to ensure that its clients are always in touch with their loved ones is a testament to how the users are at the center of everything Ufone 4G ever imagines and create.

WhatsApp audio and video calls available in both offers

On the other hand, Zong 4G, another leading telecommunications company in Pakistan, has introduced its Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer to assist travelers heading to Saudi Arabia for Hajj. This offer aims to ensure that individuals can easily communicate with their families and friends back home by availing of cost-effective Data Bundles during their Hajj.

Zong 4G has designed this offer to cater to the needs of both Hajj pilgrims and business travelers, allowing them to stay connected throughout their stay in Saudi Arabia. The offer provides affordable data roaming rates, enabling travelers to remain in touch. By paying just Rs. 1200 plus tax, customers can enjoy 1 GB of data for uninterrupted connectivity during their time in Saudi Arabia. Zong 4G also offers 3 GB of data for Rs. 3300 plus tax, and 5 GB of data for Rs. 5400 plus tax.

Zong 4G’s roaming services in Saudi Arabia also include the added advantage of WhatsApp audio and video calls, which are not typically available through local operators in Saudi Arabia. This feature allows customers to easily communicate with their loved ones back home.

The official spokesperson of Zong 4G expressed the company’s commitment to providing exceptional services that meet their customers’ needs. “The Zong 4G team is always committed to providing its customers with innovative solutions to meet their needs. We understand that staying connected with loved ones is essential, especially during Hajj and that is why the roaming data offer is the ideal solution.”

The Saudi Arabia Roaming Offer is available to all Zong 4G customers and for further tariff details and subscriptions, customers can dial *1234#, subscribe through the Zong website or My Zong App.


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