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Ucom presents new tariff & starts promo 🇦🇲

Armenian operator Ucom has launched a new new uGo 7500 tariff. Customers connecting to the tariff by 7 April will get a second Sim, enabling them to share the deal’s 70 GB mobile data traffic bundle with another user.

Moreover, users can acquire a portable Wi-Fi modem for 1 AMD, as well as a tablet at a price starting from only 2990 AMD per month.

The offer is available to both new and existing subscribers of Ucom mobile internet who do not have current commitment.


 24-month subscription12-month subscriptionwithout a subscription
monthly fee

7500 AMD

8500 AMD*

7500 AMD

included high-speed internet70 GB 
high speed internet
70+1 GB 
high speed internet
70 GB 
high speed internet
special price for a modemuFi
“Internet Together” serviceincludedincludedincluded
special terms for acquisition of a tablet


* In case of subscription for 12 months, an additional 1 GB of the high-speed internet service is activated for which additional monthly fee of 1000 AMD is applied. After the expiry of the 12-month commitment period, you may terminate the additional 1 GB of the high-speed internet service, which will result in a reduction of the monthly fee by 1000 AMD. To terminate the service, you just need to visit the closest service center of Ucom.

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