Ucom offers new data roaming packs for Georgia

Ucom users now can activate Internet in Georgia bundles when leaving for Georgia and benefit from an affordable rate for internet

Ucom, Armenian mobile operator, has introduced to its customers a new line of roaming data packages: the line includes 100 MB, 300 MB and 1 GB packages for AMD 1,200, AMD 3,000 and AMD 8,000, respectively.
The Internet in Georgia bundles can be used only in Georgia by connecting to Geocell or Magticom operators.

The non-consumed MBs will be nullified upon the expiration of the bundle’s validity period.

To check the remainder and the validity period of the bundle dial *133#. In order to avoid extra charges when using your Internet in Georgia bundles, Ucom advise you to regularly check your account for you to be sure that the remainder of the bundle is not consumed.

Users can activate the internet bundles by paying both from your positive and negative balances. In case user is a Butterfly monthly subscription user you can activate Internet in Georgia bundles from your monthly fee. You can activate only one bundle at a time.

The Internet in Georgia bundles can be used when user number is in active period. In case the inclusions of an activated Internet in Georgia bundle are consumed when using the internet, the connection will not be interrupted, and user will keep on using the mobile internet in accordance with your tariff plan.

In case of tariff plan or subscription type change the activated Internet in Georgia bundles will be kept and Ucom user will keep on benefiting from the bundle till the end of its validity period.

The bundle is valid till September 20 inclusive.

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