Ucell offers roaming promo in Saudi Arabia

Uzbek citizens who go to Hajj must be fully vaccinated and also have the appropriate certificate.

Ucell launches a special campaign for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. Find out more about Ucell roaming promo in Saudi Arabia. ucell roaming promo saudi arabia

Now Ucell subscribers within Mobily, ZAIN and STC mobile operators networks in Saudi Arabia will be able to stay in touch with their family and friends on more favorable terms:

Country Saudi Arabia
Price of the outgoing call to Uzbekistan per 1 minute 4000 UZS
 Price of the incoming call per 1 minute 3000 UZS
Price of a local call in Saudi Arabia per 1 minute 3000 UZS
Price for calls to other countries per 1 minute 15000 UZS
Price of internet per 1 MB 500 UZS
Price of 1 SMS 800 UZS


The special Saudi Arabia offer is valid from March 14 to December 31, 2022 for all Ucell subscribers.

For Ucell subscribers abroad – ‘Roaming online’ service

Roaming Online service of international automatic roaming, allows prepaid subscribers to use their phone number in networks of operators of roaming partners, with who “COSCOM” LLC has contractual agreements and which support CAMEL functionality.


What is the convenience of this service?

  • The service is available at any positive balance;
  • The account is charged in real-time mode;
  • You can timely top up your account by the means of prepaid cards;
  • You can check the current state of your account in real-time mode.


How does the “Roaming – Online” service activate? ucell roaming promo saudi arabia

Ucell offers two types of “Roaming-Online” services:

  “Camel Not Full Roaming” – is roaming in all Camel roaming partners of Ucell excluding bordering Uzbekistan countries (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan). If you are often located near the border area it is recommended to activate this roaming in order to avoid unauthorized activation of roaming in the border areas of Uzbekistan. This type of roaming is activated by default for all Prepaid subscribers.

 Camel Full Roaming” – it is roaming in all Camel roaming partners of Ucell including bordering Uzbekistan countries. For activation “Camel Full Roaming” send a free request by dialing *155*1#.

To check, if the roaming service is active, send a request by dialing *155*4#.

To deactivate the roaming service, send a request by dialing *155*3#.



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