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Turk Telekom releases e-wallet application Pokus

According to Türk Telekom, the company continues to make life easier with its new e-wallet application Pokus. Pokus offers solutions such as contactless prepaid cards and virtual cards that can be used by anyone with a smartphone over the age of 12 in Turkey, regardless of bank or operator. Turk Telekom e-wallet

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In addition to its features like money top-up and withdrawal, 24/7 money transfer, bill payments, and expense sharing, Pokus also offers in-store and online shopping at Mastercard member companies in Turkey and abroad.

Pokus offers benefits in many different areas, from restaurants to markets, from e-commerce to bill payments, and from applications to digital gaming platform subscriptions. Pokus’ Spend-Split feature allows paying the account by splitting it through the application.

Pokus, which has no monthly payment fee, offers its users discount promotions in many areas, from e-commerce shopping to markets, from games to digital platforms, while offering the opportunity to earn GB. Users with Türk Telekom postpaid lines get instant 1GB free internet per week on their first monthly spend of 20 TL or more with Pokus.

Thanks to Pokus, which serves with the Mastercard guarantee and has a user-friendly design, users; can top up their Pokus accounts using a bank card, credit card, bank transfer, or Pokus Card from ATMs or Türk Telekom Stores. With Pokus Cards, users can simultaneously make contactless purchases using the funds in their accounts without carrying cash anywhere in the world and securely conduct their domestic or international online purchases and digital subscriptions by creating a virtual card. Electricity, water, natural gas, internet, telephone and television bills from agreed facilities can be conveniently paid with Pokus.

Pokus are characterized by their special card design that changes color in the light and can be issued with or without a name. For a named card, a card application must be made through the Pokus application. An anonymous card, on the other hand, can be easily obtained through the website www.pokus.com.tr, Türk Telekom Stores, agreed retail channels and e-commerce sites. The virtual card, on the other hand, can be quickly created in a free form from within the application.

Turk Telekom Finance Assistant General Manager Kaan Aktan said: “As Türk Telekom we bring people into our midst, and in line with our goal of making everyone feel ‘valuable’, we continue to stand by our customers with our innovative solutions, products and services that transform technology into beauty and utility. In this context, we are accelerating our investments in fintech and our cluster companies TT Payment and Elektronik Para Hizmetleri AŞ, we are improving our portable payment services day by day. Now we offer users all the options expected from a portable payment application with Pokus e-Wallet, the new service from our cluster company TT Payment. We are determined.” Turk Telekom e-wallet


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