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Tune Protect Travel insurance comes with 1GB Free roaming data

Tune Protect and Flexiroam have announced a new partnership where you can get free roaming data when you purchase a travel insurance plan.


Tune Protect Travel Protection customers can redeem a Flexiroam X Starter Pack with 1GB of high-speed data roaming for 3 days worth up to US$35 (about RM146). The free roaming data can be used across 150 countries.


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To redeem your starter pack, you can redeem the promo code via Flexiroam X’s microsite. You can get the code by searching for your policy number or you can click on the banner that appears in the certificate of insurance that was sent by Tune Protect. This campaign is running from 6th May 2019 until 5th May 2020.

To activate Flexiroam, you’ll have to sign up via the Flexiroam app which is available on the AppStore and Google Play Store. When placing an order for a new starter pack, you can apply the promo code to get it for free.

The Flexiroam X Starter Pack comes in three options – SIM, Microchip or eSIM. For the microchip, it is a sticker which you can attach onto your existing SIM card which is recommended for smartphones without dual-SIM capability. Do note that shipping is not included and the standard shipping which takes 5-7 days costs US$2.50 for Malaysia.

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