Truphone Launches Next-Gen eSIM App for iPhones

Truphone announced the launch of its new eSIM plans for the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR. The data plans can be bought via the My Truphone app, available today for download from the App Store.

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This launch makes Truphone the first to offer eSIM plans via the app format. It is one of only two carriers to offer global data plans on the iPhone digital eSIM, which, in effect, becomes a travel SIM, usable wherever people roam. The international data plans will allow customers to travel across 80 countries—including Europe, the USA, Japan, India, Mexico, and Australia—and use a single bundle of pre-purchased data to avoid the cost and uncertainty of roaming charges.

The competitively priced plans offer advantages for consumers and businesses alike, both in terms of cost-savings and convenience. For businesses, eSIM technology saves both time and money, enabling IT departments to control connectivity and SIM swaps remotely—in addition to the savings to be made through cheaper roaming on international business trips.

New eSIM technology is set to be a game changer in telecoms, offering new levels of flexibility for consumers and operators. With an eSIM-enabled device, consumers enjoy out-of-the-box connectivity without having to purchase a SIM card separately. Users can just turn on their devices and download the mobile plan of their choosing, allowing them to connect to and manage plans directly on their handset.

Steve Alder, Chief Business Development Officer at Truphone, commented:

“Truphone is one of only a handful of mobile operators that work with the new iPhone’s digital eSIM and the My Truphone app represents one of the first ways to take advantage of the technology. By giving consumers and businesses an alternative to inflated roaming charges, our new plans free people up to use data just like they would at home – helping them to stay better connected in both their work and personal lives.”

In addition to their new mobile plans for end-users, Truphone offers other mobile operators use of a GSMA-accredited remote sim provisioning platform. This enables mobile operators to support eSIM enabled devices by providing a complete “as-a-service” solution.

The Truphone eSIM operating system implements the GSMA eSIM specifications and is interoperable with any GSMA compliant remote SIM provisioning platform. This means that for consumer and M2M devices, the eSIM can securely store multiple operator profiles in separate security domains with the necessary telecommunication libraries to support authentication and communication with mobile networks.

Ralph Steffens, Chief Executive Officer at Truphone, commented:

“eSIM technology represents a step-change in users’ relationship with their network operator. By letting people run multiple plans and change operators without having to wait for a traditional SIM card to be delivered, the eSIM is swinging the power balance back in favour of the consumer. By offering our ready-to-go SIM provisioning platform to other mobile operators, we are facilitating a new era of consumer-first mobile plans.”


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