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Truphone launches F-SIM for new foldable smartphones

Truphone announced the  launch of the F-SIM – the foldable SIM – designed especially for the new foldable smartphones and tablets demonstrated at this February’s MWC Barcelona, including Huawei’s Mate X and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. truphone f-sim

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Widely tipped as the next generation in SIM technology, the foldable SIM works on minute hinges that allow it to fold smaller than any previous SIM form factor. Made specifically for foldable phones and other devices, Truphone’s latest innovation fulfils on its broader brand promise to engineer better connections between things, people and business—anywhere in the world.

The F-SIM comes in ‘steel grey’ and, for only £5 more, ‘hot pink’. Pricing structures vary depending on data, storage, roaming charges and device model.

Oliver Pink, head of communications at Truphone said: “Whenever you bend a smartphone in half, one of the first things to break has always been the SIM card. This ends today. The F-SIM is a gamechanger and we are delighted to be the first to bring this to market—as well-renowned SIM innovators, it is firmly in our wheelhouse and the perfect product to add to our growing suite of technologies for device makers, mobile operators and chip manufacturers.”

He added: “Of course, you can also just use an eSIM. We make those too. The eSIM is already built into your new device, meaning you’ll never have to mess around with a plastic SIM card again. It’s also rewritable, so you can switch providers (in any country) in seconds if you fancy it, as well as have multiple profiles on one device.”

A pretty much important update!


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