Truphone ends roaming charges worldwide

Flat rate International Mobile plans change the game for global business

Truphone announced a market-leading first with Truphone World – one flat rate for 116 countries and territories. In addition launching Europe Plus with all-inclusive roaming for Europe.

Truphone provides businesses with one flat rate mobile plan for seamless communication worldwide. The new bundles announced today include:

  • Truphone World, expanded from 66 countries, is a market-leading first with one flat rate for data, text and minutes covering 116 countries and territories including Europe, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Thailand, and South Africa.
  • Truphone Europe Plus, our all-inclusive data, text and minutes bundle for Europe. Only with Truphone can customers also use their allowance in the US, Hong Kong and Australia – all in one plan.
  • Unlimited free calls between colleagues internationally.

Truphone’s single global network and centralised offering means businesses can predict costs, employees are more productive and mobile communication is seamless, whether at home or travelling for business.

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Truphone customers can have local numbers in multiple countries on a single SIM, and only pay local rates. With coverage in over 190 countries, and tailored add-ons, Truphone provides a truly global mobile communication solution.

Ralph Steffens, CEO of Truphone, said: “Truphone World now covers more than 90% of the world’s GDP. Expanding Truphone World to more than 100 countries is a game-changer, reducing the cost and complexity of doing business internationally. We pioneered a borderless mobile plan and will continue to push the boundaries of global mobile communication.”

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