Truecaller launches vastly improved iPhone App

Truecaller, one the world’s leading global communications platforms, has launched a brand-new version of their iPhone app for users around the world. The iOS app has been completely re-written from the ground up to be lighter, more efficient, and most important of all, it offers significantly better number identification, spam, scam and business call identification compared to previous versions of the app.

The new app offers up to 10 times better spam and business identification compared to the previous version

This change has been brought about by an all-new architecture that leverages Truecaller’s state-of-the-art spam detection algorithms and takes full advantage of Apple’s technology to deliver the optimal caller ID solution. The app seamlessly integrates with Apple’s default phone app to show results from Truecaller right in the call log. Truecaller has developed the most current, accurate, and complete first ring Caller ID and spam detection for every geography and we ensure this by automatically updating spam information in the background. It also includes a huge design refresh and new user experience flow that results in far shorter times for initial onboarding and quicker day-to-day navigation through the app.

“We’ve been innovating within Apple’s platform to bring users more powerful features like Call Alerts and a convenient search extension. Our new totally rewritten iPhone-app is now on par with our Android-app when it comes to identifying spam & verified business calls,” said Alan Mamedi, Co-founder and CEO of Truecaller. This update has been a long time coming for many iPhone users which today account for approximately 5% of our more than 320 million Monthly Active Users. Now we can offer them and new iPhone users the best performing identifier of spam and scam to help them separate the noise from the communication they want to respond to.”

Highlights of the new Truecaller for iPhone:

  • Significantly improved Caller ID, and improved protection against spam and scam
  • Smoother and faster onboarding for new users
  • Enhanced detail view when you search for numbers
  • New Premium purchase flow with easier feature comparisons
  • Lighter and faster than before: up to 30% smaller and 50% faster on most iPhones
  • Redesigned search extension (from Phone > Recents > Share Contact)

Updates coming soon:

  • Major improvements on SMS filtering, spam detection and community-based services, including a redesigned number look-up widget to search unknown callers even faster
  • The iPhone app will also get automatic blocking of top spammers, the ability to view detailed statistics on spam marked numbers and the ability to view and contribute comments on spam marked numbers for additional context
  • To download the latest free version, visit Truecaller on the iOS App Store

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