Tritex opens up its Trading and Communication platform for all Operators

This week the Roaming industry was due to meet at WAS#11 in Cape Town. As a result of conferences being postponed and the day-to-day challenges of managing IOT Discount Agreements in the current environment, Tritex Solutions, with a digital wholesale agreement platform, is opening part of its platform for free to all Operators.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented time, which has had profound effects on personal and professional lives.

This has also caused waves through the roaming industry with not only traffic dropping off a cliff but also hindering the ability to negotiate and execute deals with the GSMA industry WAS meeting in Cape Town was postponed and WAS in Vancouver is potentially at risk – in addition to the wide rollout of remote working, which means company business units who normally sit side by side in offices are now widely dispersed.

That’s why Tritex is opening up our digital roaming trading solution (TradeFAST & ChatFAST, detailed below) to all Operators for free. You will be able to use Tritex bespoke Trading technology (TradeFAST) to negotiate your roaming discount deals. To supplement this, the company’s chat tool, ChatFAST, will allow you to chat with your counterpart while negotiating your deals – to maintain the personal touch.

These two modules enable Roaming Managers to do the things they would have been able to do at WAS#11, i.e. connect and communicate with their roaming partners and negotiate and agree on wholesale prices. Opening TradeFAST and ChatFAST for free means all Roaming Managers can continue to do this.

This is an open offer to all Operators to use freely, as Tritex Solutions firmly believes their solution is not merely a solution for the current market chaos but a long-term solution to provide an efficient platform to negotiate and execute wholesale access deals in the Telecoms market. Moving to a digital trading platform now can also be an investment in the future, where wholesale access deals will need to cover many different services (retail roaming usage; M-IoT; NB-IoT; 5G slices both roaming and domestic) and be priced independently according to the impact of each service on network resources and counterparty price sensitivity.

There is now no better time to try a digital solution.

Negotiation platform

  • Faster & Efficient digital negotiation process
  • Secure & real-time
  • Terms electronically agreed
  • Full audit trails
  • Reduced manual errors and misinterpretation


  • Person-to-person chat module
  • Point of trade/contract communication
  • Faster interactions
  • Easily accessible conversation history
  • Maintain personal relationships


Offer is valid for customers that take up the offer by 30 June 2020 and is free to use to 31 December 2020.

How to sign up tritex platform

Access to the system could not be easier. The only things required are internet access and a list of your authorised roaming managers, Tritex will handle the rest.


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