Tre Italy postpones limits for EU roaming data traffic for November

Three Italy has been planning to set limits on data traffic in EU countries for a few weeks but with a note issued in recent months, it announced that this change will be introduced in a few months.

This limitation therefore will not enter into force on 30 June 2018, as originally planned by Tre Italia but on 1 November 2018.


Customers will be able to check free of charge the available international roaming threshold via Customer Area 3, Official App or IVR dedicated, along with all updates provided by Regulation 2016/2286 about the available volume of data and the overdraft applied. A deadline notification SMS will also be sent with the indication of the surcharge that will be applied in addition to the domestic price.

For example, in the All-In Power offering of 100GB and with the unbundled GB Unlimited mobile-fixed offer in case of international roaming in European Union countries, according to European Regulation 2016/2286, data traffic will be allowed up to a maximum of 7 GB for ALL-IN / FREE Power, 4.5 GB for ALL-IN / FREE Master, 3 GB for ALL-IN / FREE Prime in the reference month

Beyond this threshold, the expected overpayment is 0.7 cents / MB including sales to KB.

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This new restriction will apply to all Tre Italia customers activated from 19 March 2018.

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