Traveling in Asia: What Transport Apps Do You Need?

Planning a trip to Asia? Navigating the diverse and vibrant continent can be a daunting task, especially since the transport system varies between countries. Each country has its own set of transport apps and services, and it could get confusing if you were trying to figure out what app to download for your upcoming trip to Asia. Asia Transport Apps

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In this blog, we have got you covered with a cheat sheet of the transport apps that are used in various Asian destinations.

Transport Apps to Use in China

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of your common navigation apps, like Google Maps, wouldn’t work well (if at all) in China and that there is a separate set of apps that you should use to help you navigate and get around.

Use for Private Hires / Taxi Bookings: DiDi

Use for Maps and Navigation: Gaode Maps, Baidu Maps (Note that Baidu Maps are only available in Chinese)

Transport Apps to Use in Hong Kong Asia Transport Apps

The public transportation system in Hong Kong is fairly extensive, and you can easily get around from point to point using the metro. Google Maps would be a good tool to help you make your way around, but in case you want to get a taxi or ride-share, it is good to also have the options available!

Use for Private Hires: Uber

Use for Taxi Hailing: HKTaxi

Use for Maps and Navigation: Google Maps

Use for Public Transport Information: HKeMobility

Transport Apps to Use in Taiwan

Transportation in Taiwan is fairly straightforward; Google Maps would be sufficient to help you navigate and make your way around. You can also use Uber for ride-hailing, and you will be able to use an international number to create an Uber account. Some other apps could be helpful, though you should be able to get by even without those apps.

Use for Private Hires: Uber (You can register for this using your home number.)

Use for Taxi Hailing: 55688 (Note that you will need a Taiwan phone number to register an account), FindTaxi, Line Taxi (within the Line app)

Use for Maps and Navigation: Google Maps

Use for Railway Bookings: T-Express (for Taiwan High-Speed Rail), Taiwan Railways e-booking (for TRA trains)

Transport Apps to Use in Japan

Google Maps would be sufficient to help you navigate and explore Japan. However, if you want to use apps that are more native to Japan, NAVITIME is a popular option. In addition to providing routes and navigation functionality, it will also provide additional information that could be useful, such as in the case of train delays.

Use for Taxi Hailing: GO Taxi, Fulcul, Uber

Use for Maps and Navigation: Google Maps, NAVITIME

Transport Apps to Use in South Korea

South Korea is another destination where you wouldn’t want to use Google Maps. It’s not that Google Maps can’t be used here, because it can (as in, you will be able to access it), except you are unlikely to be able to get any accurate navigation directions using Google Maps. Instead, consider using Naver Maps or Kakao Maps instead; these apps will also come with information on bus and metro timings to help you plan your route.

Use for Ride Hailing: KakaoT, UT (Uber Taxi), Tada

Use for Maps and Navigation: Naver Maps, Kakao Maps

Use for Railway Bookings: KORAIL Talk

Use for Bus Schedules: Kakao Bus

Transport Apps to Use in Singapore

When it comes to navigation, Google Maps works perfectly in Singapore, and you wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to find your way around with Google Maps. When displaying the route options, the bus and train timings would also be displayed (fairly accurately) on Google Maps, so you wouldn’t need any other apps to help you navigate around. Uber does not operate in Singapore (nor the Southeast Asian regions), but there are various alternatives that you can consider.

Use for Ride Hailing: Grab, Gojek, Tada

Use for Taxi Hailing: CDG Zig

Use for Maps and Navigation: Google Maps

Transport Apps to Use in Thailand

Similar to Singapore (and most of the Southeast Asian region), you can easily get around Thailand with the help of Google Maps. Grab is one of the most popular options for hailing a ride in Thailand.

Use for Ride-Hailing: Grab, Bolt

Use for Maps and Navigation: Google Maps

Transport Apps to Use in Vietnam

As you might have expected by now, Google Maps would be your go-to for navigation in Vietnam. Unfortunately, Uber does not operate in Vietnam either, so it is recommended that you download either Grab or Gojek to help you more easily get around.

Use for Ride Hailing: Grab, Gojek

Use for Maps and Navigation: Google Maps

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