Traveling Coffee Habits

Coffee habits when traveling: New Survey Discovers 60% of American Travelers Say Availability of Great Coffee at an Airbnb or Hotel Stay is Important

For most people, coffee is a non-negotiable ritual – even when on the road.To better understand these preferences when it comes to coffee on the go, Clio Coffee, the innovative pod coffee system that’s bringing premium quality café style coffee to mainstream America, released a survey delving into consumer coffee habits when traveling. Traveling Coffee Habits

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And the findings are striking: Nearly 60% of respondents say the availability of a good cup of coffee at an Airbnb rental or hotel is important to them, as a good cup of Joe can’t always be found on the road.  It’s also apparent from the responses that making a luxurious cup of coffee when staying in a hotel or Airbnb hasn’t always been so accessible, as the survey revealed HALF of the respondents either always or sometimes bring their own coffee when traveling!

Morning Ritual Traveling Coffee Habits

Conducted on behalf of Clio Coffee, the survey of 2,093 Americans revealed additional interesting insights surrounding their traveling caffeine routine.  48.3% of respondents feel that at-home coffee is better quality than café coffee, with the biggest reason being the comfort and love of their morning ritual (41%).

Clio Coffee appreciates that the best Airbnb hosts must offer the best coffee.  With the number of Airbnb users in the US forecast to reach 45.6 million by 2022, Clio wants to ensure another enjoyable morning coffee routine never goes missing. To guarantee travelers can enjoy great-tasting coffee on the road and in the comfort of their “Airbnb home”, Clio is launching its “SuperHosts, SuperBrew” Program, inviting all Airbnb SuperHosts to live up to their caffeine potential by offering them a free Clio Brewer for their homes.

As they uncover how crucial a high-quality cup of coffee can be to a five-star stay, Clio wants to make it is as easy as possible for Airbnb SuperHosts to offer that much-needed perk.

The team at Clio Coffee said, “More often than not, the quality of the coffee machine in your hotel room mirrors the quality of your stay. At Clio, we believe the best Airbnb hosts offer the best coffee. Period.  So we’re making it easier for hosts to do just so.  We want to help them elevate their guests’ morning routine with ease and are excited to upgrade as many SuperHosts as we can with a Clio Brewer and pods so that guests across America have access to a five-star coffee experience when staying at an Airbnb.”

Calling all SuperHosts! If you have a home on the Airbnb platform, visit https://www.cliocoffee.com/blogs/news/superhosts-superbrew to learn more about how you can secure your own free, stylish, and sleek Clio Brewer, along with discounts on your pod purchases.


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