Looking for Vaccine? Maldives Will Offer Vaccines To Travellers

The Maldives is ready for the post-vaccination travel boom and it also plans to roll out a vaccine tourism initiative

In a bid to revive tourism, the Maldives is rolling out a new program, dubbed the ‘3v program’, offering COVID vaccines to any visitor who arrives with a hotel booking already made. Travel to Maldives?

‘3v’ stands for ‘visit, vaccinate, and vacation’.

“The main idea of tourism being open is to provide a reasonably safe tourism with minimum inconvenience,” Maldivian Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom said in an interview. “So once the country gets vaccinated, then we will move on to ‘3V’ tourism.”

The Maldives, which is known for its glamorous overwater bungalows and pristine Indian Ocean beaches, is currently open to U.S. visitors who are fully vaccinated, and unvaccinated travelers who acquire a negative coronavirus PCR test no more than three days prior to travel. Its tourism board has also set a goal of 1.5 million tourist arrivals for 2021, with about 350,000 of those visits accounted for as of mid April. Mausoom said many remote workers have relocated to the islands during the pandemic, but that the vaccination campaign is necessary for the Maldives to jumpstart its travel economy: “When we reach this year’s target [of 1.5 million], still we will have a shortfall of what the country needs.”

Vaccinated visitors will soon be able to enter without any restrictions.

The Maldives have prioritised getting vaccines out to hospitality workers – the tourism ministry says that 90 percent of front-line tourism workers are now vaccinated.

More than half of the country’s total residents have received at least one dose.

Tourism is the largest contributor to the Maldives’ economy, according to an analysis by Michigan State University, and accounts for about 28 percent of its gross domestic product. Last year the nation saw just 550,000 arrivals, a steep dive in comparison to the 1.7 million travelers that visited in 2019. travel to maldives

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