How to Travel to Cuba with the Support for the Cuban People Travel Category

Travel through the streets of Havana || Photo by CUBA CANDELA

Amidst continuing questions about how to travel to Cuba in 2020, leading Cuba travel agency CUBA CANDELA releases step by step guide for American travelers interested in visiting the island nation. Yes, you can still go to Cuba, with the “Support for the Cuban People” travel category explained in 3 easy steps.

After the Trump administration eliminated the group “people-to-people” educational travel category, canceled cruise ship to Cuba, and limited U.S. flights to Havana only, American travelers and travel advisors were left wondering if and how they can visit Cuba. “We are getting questions every day from confused travelers wanting to understand and adhere to the travel rules,” says Founder and CEO, Chad Olin.

Seeking to educate the public and ease the minds of perplexed travelers, CUBA CANDELA created a traveI guide explaining how any American can visit Cuba using the “Support for the Cuban People” travel category, one of twelve authorized categories of Cuba traveI — now the most common.

Any American traveler can visit Cuba in 2020, fly directly to Havana from eight different U.S. cities and have a remarkable experience that is legally compliant, culturally enriching and socially conscious,” said Olin. “We encourage all Americans to visit Cuba in 2020, and for those with questions about how to do so legally, I hope our guide helps to clarify the rules using the ‘Support for the Cuban People’ traveI category.


CUBA CANDELA delivers impactful and authentic experiences through a socially conscious model that is sustainable and respectful to local communities. The company deeply values the transformative power of travel and believes in the social good that comes from genuine and meaningful cultural exchange.

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CUBA CANDELA remains one of the only companies in the Cuba traveI industry with public reviews. The company guarantees compliance with U.S. law and offers clients a ‘100% Guaranteed Departure Policy’ that includes a full refund if future U.S. travel restrictions prohibit legal travel with CUBA CANDELA.

CUBA CANDELA specializes in tailor-made tours of Cuba, providing a full suite of services including traveI documents, luxury accommodations and unique experiences.

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