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business expenses

How to Cut Business Expenses Without compromising Quality?

Telecom is the expense related to any telecommunication tools. This category of expense management includes wired and wireless telephone fees as well as the costs of phone and communication devices.

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There are two main variables that will determine the profitability of your business: the revenue you have going in and the expenses you have going out. If you can retain control of these two variables, your business can continue operating successfully.

Business expenses

Some of the major categories of expenses are: wages, rents, equipment, utilities and office supplies, marketing and advertising, travel etc.


Many of those business expenses are unavoidable but with some of them, we can help!

  • We can help you reduce your telecom expenses (7-40%)
  • we can help you reduce your roaming expenses up to 70%
  • we can help you reduce and get under control and travel expenses as well.

Some of the benefits of using TEM include (but are not limited to):

• Have a clear vision of telecommunications spending thanks to updated reports.

• Audit the lines hired and adapt the budget to real consumption.

• Optimization of administration, finance and accounting department time.

• Improve negotiation with service providers by having a panoramic view of consumption and spending.

• Register the inventory and control of your assets.

• Support the adoption of advanced communication technologies (such as SD-WAN) at optimal costs.

• Support budget decision making with the use of cloud services.

• Understand the demand for bandwidth required by the company or organization.

Definitely, this new era has radically changed the way of working to all types of businesses, companies and organizations. Being part of the digital age is no longer just a convenience for companies. It has become a requirement to survive and grow in the face of new market demands.

Alert specializes in ensuring significant savings on telecom, international roaming costs and travel expenses, and can tailor specific solutions for our corporate partners.


Business travel accounted for 16 % of total tourism expenditure in 2017

Holiday, leisure and recreation trips accounted for the majority of tourism expenditure (64 %) in 2017. Visits to relatives and friends accounted for only 15 % of all tourism expenditure but they represented 34 % of all tourism trips (accommodation was often free on such trips).

Business trips accounted for 16 % of tourism expenditure in 2017. At EUR 517, they recorded the highest average expenditure per trip while the expenditure per night was 2.3 times higher for business trips than for trips for personal purposes (EUR 154 per night versus EUR 68 per night).

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