New company builds a trans-Pacific submarine cable system between the US and Japan

NTT Ltd Japan Corporation, PC Landing Corp., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and JA Mitsui Leasing, Ltd.  announced the launch of the new company, Seren Juno Network Co., Ltd. for constructing and operating “JUNO”, the new trans-Pacific submarine cable system that links the US and Japan.

The role of international submarine cable systems is becoming more crucial year by year as the fundamental infrastructure to support the rapid expansion of the digital ecosystem. JUNO serves the ever-growing digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region by landing in Japan which is a “Data Hub” located in the mid-point of the US and Asian countries.

Figure 1. JUNO Cable route

Seren manages the entire project from the planning, construction to sales and operations of the network to provide the reliable services for the global business activities of major technology companies, OTTs and telecommunication carriers.

JUNO introduces the leading-edge SDM (Space Division Multiplexing) technology to enable the 20 optical fiber pairs (40 cores) per cable, whereas the cable with the conventional technology currently carries a maximum of 16 fiber pairs (32 cores). Juno provides the maximum capacity of 350Tbps, the largest among any existing cable system between the US and Japan. trans-Pacific submarine cable

Furthermore, JUNO has two separate landing stations in Japan to provide additional security and resilience against a natural disaster in the coastal areas of Japan. JUNO can alter the bandwidth of each branching route to adjust to the situation and flexibly meet each customer’s demand and evolving requirements.

NTT has been at the center of global internet infrastructure development and operations for many years with an instrumental role in several subsea cable projects, including JUPITER, MIST, ASE, APG, PC-1, APRICOT and now JUNO. The new company, Seren Juno Network Co., Ltd., will begin work on JUNO in July, 2022. JUNO is expected to begin operating at the end of 2024.

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