Regus office space – Belgrade

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Regus office space – Belgrade

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Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, with customers including some of the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals and multi-billion dollar corporations. regus office belgrade

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The company network includes almost 3000 business centers, spanning almost 900 cities across 120 countries. Through their range of office formats, as well as our growing mobile, virtual office, and workplace recovery businesses, we enable people and businesses to work where they want, when they want, how they want, and at a range of price points.


Regus office Belgrade

Users can choose from over 5 locations in Belgrade: we were using a meeting room in the Milutina Milankovica Blvd 9ž.

Regus office space Belgrade

This space, Regus office Belgrade, GTC Fortyone business centre, is a strategic location in the Serbian capital: this area is home to dynamic companies, from the European headquarters of global IT giants to financial services firms working close to the exchange As well as easy access to the E75 and E70, a reliable public transport network puts more than six bus lines less than 5 minutes away.

Regus Office Belgrade

Our meeting room had all projection equipment ready to work; the space was equipped with lots of water, chocolates and – coffee. On-demand we got freshly made coffees from reception, btw Regus reception staff was very polite and professional.

High-speed internet and WiFi were included and must say it was a bit slow.

The price for using private office space with a view is around €10 per person; using Regus co-working space is around €7 per person.

Regus is offering membership plans where users can use their network of business lounges, co-working spaces and private offices in any of over 3000 locations around the world.  Membership can be based on how many days you need each month and what type of workspace you use most.

Regus Office Belgrade

In September and October Regus will open more than 20 new spaces around the world. These are some of them: Belgium Brussels, Stock Exchange; Croatia Zagreb, Matrix; DjiboutiDjibouti, Salaam Tower; FinlandTurku, Citykulma; GermanyBerlin, Alte Post; HungaryBudapest, White House; IndiaAhmedabad, Ratnaakar Nine Square; PolandWroclaw, Wroclavia; Saudi ArabiaRiyadh, Al Malqa; Switzerland Winterthur, Archhöfe etc.

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