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Airalo eSIM

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An eSIM, or embedded SIM, allows you to activate a cellular data plan on your device without having to insert a physical SIM card. Instead, the eSIM chip comes pre-installed on the device. Airalo is a global connectivity platform that provides eSIM data plans in over 160 countries, delivered instantly via QR code. With Airalo’s eSIM service, you can easily purchase a local data plan on-demand that works abroad on your device. Airalo eSIM reviews

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Airalo aims to make international data simple and affordable. Their eSIM service allows you to avoid roaming fees or hunting for local SIM cards when traveling. You can also use Airalo with dual SIM devices to have separate plans for domestic and international use.

eSIM technology makes managing cellular plans convenient. You can instantly switch data plans as you cross borders without swapping out SIMs. eSIMs are embedded directly into the device, streamlining global connectivity.

This article will provide an in-depth review of Airalo’s eSIM service for travel and remote work. We’ll cover Airalo’s supported countries, data plans, ordering process, using Airalo while traveling or on dual SIM devices, customer service, and the pros and cons of this innovative eSIM solution.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM card that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your phone carrier without having to use a physical nano-SIM. eSIMs are directly embedded into cellular components inside a device like a smartphone or smartwatch instead of being inserted in a removable SIM slot. This allows you to add or remove service plans over-the-air without having to swap out SIM cards.

With an eSIM, the SIM profile is remotely provisioned and downloaded via the cellular network. This eliminates the need for a physical SIM card while still providing the same functionality. eSIMs are designed as an evolution of the SIM standard to better support mobile connectivity in modern devices with limited space for card slots.

Some key advantages of eSIMs include: Airalo eSIM reviews

  • More flexibility to change carriers on the fly without a SIM swap
  • Ability to use mobile plans in multiple countries by downloading local profiles
  • Support for dual SIM functionality on a single device
  • Better reliability with no chance of SIM card damage or loss

Overall, eSIMs make managing cellular plans and connectivity more convenient compared to traditional nano-SIM cards. The technology is still relatively new but is being adopted in more devices from top manufacturers.

How Airalo’s eSIM Service Works Airalo eSIM reviews

Getting started with Airalo is simple. First, you’ll need to purchase one of their eSIM data plans through the Airalo website or mobile app. The eSIM will be delivered instantly via email after the purchase.

To activate the eSIM, download the Airalo app on your smartphone or tablet. Open the app and tap “Activate your eSIM.” Scan the QR code received in your Airalo purchase email. This will activate your Airalo eSIM on your device.

The Airalo app makes it easy to manage your eSIM plan. You can check your data balance, top up your plan, view usage history, and more all through the app. The eSIM will work anywhere within Airalo’s supported countries, providing you with fast data speeds and connectivity.

With Airalo, there’s no need to obtain a physical SIM card when traveling internationally or add a second line to your phone. Their eSIM delivers flexible, affordable cell phone service worldwide.

Countries Supported by Airalo

Airalo’s eSIM works in over 190 countries across several hundred carriers worldwide, making it one of the most globally compatible eSIM solutions. This makes it easy for travelers to stay connected, no matter where they go.

Some of the key countries and carriers supported include:

  • USA – Works with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon
  • Canada – Bell, Rogers, Telus
  • UK – Vodafone, EE, Three
  • France – Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom
  • Germany – Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica
  • Spain – Movistar, Orange, Vodafone
  • Italy – TIM, Vodafone, Wind Tre
  • Australia – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone
  • Japan – NTT Docomo, Softbank, AU
  • South Korea – SK Telecom, KT, LG Uplus
  • India – Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and Reliance Jio
  • Mexico – Telcel, AT&T Mexico, and Movistar Mexico
  • Brazil – Claro, TIM, Vivo
  • UAE – Etisalat, du

With support from major carriers in almost every country, Airalo provides reliable connectivity for travelers going just about anywhere. Their eSIM allows you to access multiple networks as you cross borders, with no need to physically swap SIM cards. This makes international travel incredibly convenient.

Data Plans and Pricing Airalo eSIM reviews

Airalo offers prepaid data plans for over 180 countries. They have a variety of plans to choose from, depending on your data needs and length of trip:

  • Local Data Plans – These are country-specific plans that offer data packages tailored to that country. For example, you can get a 1GB data plan in Japan for $7.50 that lasts 5 days. Pricing and data amounts vary by country.

  • Regional Data Plans – These cover multiple countries in a geographic region. For instance, their Southeast Asia regional plan includes Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and more for $19/3GB over 15 days. Great for travel between countries.

  • Global Data Plans – Airalo has worldwide plans with several tiers based on the amount of data. Their unlimited global plan is $49 for 30 days. More budget options are 1GB for $9 or 3GB for $17 globally.

  • Long-Term Data Plans – For extended travel, they offer 30-day and 90-day plans for specific high-speed data buckets. For example, you could get 5GB over 30 days in Japan for $19.

  • Top-Up Data – If you need more data during your trip, you can add top-up packages for most countries and plans. Top-up rates depend on location.

Overall, Airalo aims to provide flexible and affordable eSIM data packages tailored to your travel itinerary. Plans range from $7 for 1GB in some countries to $49 for unlimited global data. They’re a cost-effective eSIM solution for short trips or long-term travel.

Ordering and Delivery

Ordering an Airalo eSIM is quick and easy. You simply select your plan on Airalo’s website or mobile app, enter your email address, and pay with a credit card.

Once your order is complete, you’ll receive your eSIM profile via email within 15–30 minutes during business hours. The email will contain setup instructions for installing the eSIM on your phone. If you order outside of business hours, delivery may take slightly longer.

Airalo aims to deliver eSIM profiles instantly, whenever possible. However, some deliveries can take up to 24 hours during weekends or busy periods.

The delivery email contains a QR code and an EID number. You’ll use one of these to install the eSIM profile on your phone. The process is similar to installing a physical SIM card.

Overall, the ordering and delivery process with Airalo is fast and convenient. You don’t need to wait for a physical SIM card to arrive in the mail. As soon as you receive the email with the eSIM profile, you can start using cellular data during international travel.

Using Airalo for Travel

One of the most popular use cases for Airalo is enabling connectivity while traveling internationally. An eSIM like Airalo offers several unique benefits for travelers:

  • Access high-speed data in over 120 countries – Airalo allows you to access fast LTE data in countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. You can stay connected no matter where your travels take you.
  • Avoid roaming fees – International roaming charges from your home carrier can be exorbitantly expensive. With an Airalo eSIM, you pay local rates for data, which are often much more affordable.
  • Multi-country coverage on one eSIM – One Airalo eSIM can be used across multiple countries, with the ability to switch data plans as you travel. This eliminates the need to seek out a new SIM card in each country.
  • Flexible short-term plans – Airalo offers data packages as short as 24 hours, which is perfect for brief trips. You only pay for what you need.
  • Easy setup and activation – eSIMs allow for remote activation with no need to install a physical SIM card. Airalo eSIMs can be set up in minutes on your phone.
  • Dual SIM capability – An eSIM like Airalo enables dual SIM functionality on compatible phones. You can use your existing SIM along with an eSIM for separate data.
  • Strong global connectivity – Airalo partners with top carriers worldwide to deliver reliable connectivity in 130+ countries. You’ll enjoy fast speeds for travel apps, maps, social media, messaging, and more.

So for frequent travelers who want fuss-free global connectivity, an Airalo eSIM offers great advantages over roaming or buying local SIMs. It’s an easy, affordable way to stay connected anywhere in the world.

Using Airalo for Dual SIM Devices Airalo eSIM reviews

An Airalo eSIM enables having two active SIMs in a dual SIM phone. This allows you to have both a local data plan and an Airalo international plan active at the same time.

Some key benefits of using an Airalo eSIM as a second SIM include:

  • Maintain your existing phone number and carrier plan on your primary SIM. The Airalo eSIM doesn’t replace your primary SIM.
  • Flexibility to activate the Airalo eSIM only when traveling abroad. When home, you can use just your regular SIM.
  • Avoid roaming charges on your primary SIM. Use the Airalo eSIM for data when traveling.
  • Keep personal and business calls and texts separate by assigning them to different SIMs.
  • Have two different phone numbers active on one phone. This can be useful for separating work and personal lines.
  • Get better network coverage by combining two carriers. If one SIM has a poor signal, switch to the other.
  • Confine work usage to the secondary SIM to easily monitor and control corporate data usage.
  • Conveniently hot-swap between SIMs to get the best deals on local rates and data.

The dual SIM capability provides tremendous flexibility and convenience for frequent travelers who need robust international data options. With an Airalo eSIM as a secondary SIM, you get affordable data worldwide without sacrificing your primary phone number or carrier connectivity.

Customer Service Airalo eSIM reviews

Airalo provides customer support through several channels to ensure users can get help when needed. The main options are:

  • Email support – Users can email Airalo at for assistance. Emails are typically answered within 24 hours. This is useful for complex issues that require back-and-forth communication.
  • Live chat – The Airalo website offers 24/7 live chat support. After signing in, look for the chat widget in the bottom-right corner. Chat is great for quick questions and issues. Wait times are usually only a few minutes.
  • Self-service knowledge base – Airalo has a searchable knowledge base with articles on popular topics like ordering, activation, usage, etc. The articles provide step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting guides. The knowledge base allows users to self-serve answers to common questions.
  • Social media – Active support is also available through Airalo’s social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Direct messaging the accounts is another way to get assistance.
  • Phone – For urgent issues, Airalo has a US-based phone number that can be called. However, phone support has limited hours from Monday to Friday.

Overall, Airalo provides solid customer service through email, live chat, knowledge base articles, social media support, and phone assistance. There are many options for users to get help when needed.


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    10 GB -30 days- €22.36
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  • 1 GB – 30 days – €4.18
    4 GB – 30 days – €6.95
    10 GB – 30 days – €11.96
  • Jetpac
  • eSIM for Europe
    28 countries
  • 1 GB – 30 days – €0.90***
    5 GB – 30 days – €11.00
    10 GB – 30 days – €22.85

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* Get your Airalo discount code here. ** All packages include 100 Mins of local calls. ***Jetpac promo code: 1FOR1

 If you have any questions about which package to buy, please reach out to our friendly Customer Support team via email:

Stay ahead of the curve in mobile connectivity by following all the latest and most important eSIM news.

Pros and Cons Airalo eSIM reviews

Airalo offers several advantages compared to traditional SIM cards:

  • Convenience – eSIMs can be purchased and set up entirely online; there is no need to go to a store. Plans are available immediately after purchase.
  • Flexibility – You can change data plans or pause service as needed, all through the Airalo app. Useful for travel to multiple countries.
  • Cost – Data plans are competitively priced. You only pay for exactly the data amount needed.
  • Compatibility – eSIMs work on most newer phone models, including iOS, Android, and others.
  • Multi-SIM – Have your regular SIM plus Airalo eSIM for dual SIM capability.
  • Customer Support – Airalo provides customer service through in-app chat, email, and phone.

Some potential disadvantages:

  • Phone Compatibility – eSIMs don’t work on many older phone models. Check if your device is compatible.
  • Setup Process – It can take up to 24 hours after ordering for the Airalo eSIM service to be activated.
  • Limited Carriers – You are restricted to whichever network provider Airalo partners within each country.
  • No Calls/Texts – Airalo only provides data service. You can use apps for calling or messaging over data.
  • Limited Countries – Around 140 countries are supported currently. But new countries are added regularly.

Overall, Airalo’s eSIM service provides a flexible and affordable way to travel connectivity. The pros generally outweigh the cons for most users. Airalo eSIM reviews

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Tour Location

App functionality
Carrier Compatibility
Customer Support
Price Competitiveness
Setup Process
Variety of Plans
Voice+SMS possibility besides data


  • Wim

    March 15, 2024 at 1:40 pm

    I just used the Middle East package in Qatar, the UAE, and Oman — worked perfectly, including totally seamless move from one country to another. A bit tricky to install, but once in it worked exactly like our normal SIM. Will use again on future trips.

    App functionality
    Carrier Compatibility
    Customer Support
    Price Competitiveness
    Setup Process
    Variety of Plans
    Voice+SMS possibility besides data
  • Gary

    March 15, 2024 at 1:41 pm

    Airalo made traveling with my family so much smoother. It was easy to set up eSIMS for everyone’s phones, and we had reliable connectivity throughout Southeast Asia.

    App functionality
    Carrier Compatibility
    Customer Support
    Price Competitiveness
    Setup Process
    Variety of Plans
    Voice+SMS possibility besides data
  • Monique

    March 15, 2024 at 1:45 pm

    Airalo’s eSIMs are easy to use in any country – I’ve used them in 3 so far! But what truly sets them apart is their customer service. When I had an issue in the Caribbean, they went above and beyond to help, replying to my email with helpful suggestions in just 5 minutes! Highly recommend!

    App functionality
    Carrier Compatibility
    Customer Support
    Price Competitiveness
    Setup Process
    Variety of Plans
    Voice+SMS possibility besides data

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App functionality
Carrier Compatibility
Customer Support
Price Competitiveness
Setup Process
Variety of Plans
Voice+SMS possibility besides data