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Top 10 Telecom Companies of the World 2016


Over the last few years, one of the fastest growing industry is the telecom industry, which has not revolutionized the way people communicate but has opened a huge amount of opportunities for businesses to prosper.

Not only have telecom companies enabled people to be in touch with each other, it has also created online businesses to grow because of the combined effect of smartphones and data plans.

Here is the list of top 10 successful telecom companies in the world:

10. America Movil

Based out of Mexico, the largest telecom operator in the country, America Movil is one of the leading companies in the industry across the world. The company was found in the year 2000 and has its operations widely spread across entire South America, USA, Canada as well as parts of Europe.


Revenues (billion): $42.69

Profit (billions): $1.92

Number of users (millions): 285.50


The company has become one of the most experienced telecom companies with a reach of 18 countries in Americas and 7 countries across Europe.

9. Orange

Orange is one of the prominent telecom players in markets in Europe and Africa. Orange as a brand was formed in 1994 which has per second billing as its highlight.


Revenues (billion): $44.68

Profit (billions): $2.67

Number of users (millions): 263

Orange has increased its footprint in Africa where it is present in about 19 countries as compared to Europe which is present in 7 countries.

8. China Telecom

China Telecom is a state-owned telecom service provider in China. It is one of the largest players in telecom in China.


Revenues (billion): $50.83

Profit (billions): $3.08

Number of users (millions): 450


The company has a stronghold in the Chinese market. The brand is growing consistently through good marketing and advertising activities.

7. Telefonica

Telefonica, a telecom company based out of Spain, is one of the leading providers of telecommunication and mobile services.


Revenues (billion): $53.44

Profit (billions): $3.11

Number of users (millions): 246.90


Telefonica’s strong global presence can be understood from the fact that it has a presence in over 20 countries.


6. Vodafone

Vodafone, is one of the most globally recognized brands, which is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the world, having more than 440 million subscribers.


Revenues (billion): $42.20

Profit (billions): $2.00

Number of users (millions): 446.00


Vodafone is a company based out of London, UK. It has more than 100,000+ employees working in the organization and has a reach of more than 150 countries.


5. Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is one the leading telecom companies in the world having a huge workforce of over 220,000+ employees spread worldwide.


Revenues (billion): $77.29

Profit (billions): $3.69

Number of users (millions): 156.40


The company has been one of the strongest players in Europe, having a strong reach to 50+ countries worldwide through its services. The company has significant operations globally as it has acquired several players and has strategic partnerships with telecom operators worldwide.

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4. China Mobile

China Mobile, government-owned telecommunications, and mobile services company, is not only the biggest telecom company in China but is also the leading company in the industry across the world.

china-mobile-top-10-telecom-companies-in-the-worldRevenues (billion): $89.63

Profit (billions): $16.66

Number of users (millions): 826.00


The company has a strong workforce, with over 240,000+ employees and has been a pioneer in the industry ever since its inception in 1997. Such huge is the brand, that it is also present on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and NSE.

3. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT)

Nippon Telegraph & Tel or NTT as it is known, is the biggest telecom service provider from Japan, Tokyo, which has established itself as a global player.


Revenues (billion): $104.70

Profit (billions): $5.20

Number of users (millions): 66.60


The company has a very strong advantage of being backed by the government of Japan.


2. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is one of the leading telecommunication services and mobile service provider in the world, based out of New Jersey of USA.


Revenues (billion): $91.68

Profit (billions): $9.60

Number of users (millions): 218.00


The company has a slogan “Better Matters”, and is one of the leading marketing and advertising telecom brands in the world.

1. AT&T

AT&T is one the most prominent names in the telecom industry, which is based out of Texas in the United States of America and is a global name in telecom industry worldwide.


Revenues (billion): $146.80

Profit (billions): $13.35

Number of users (millions): 130


The company has made strategic acquisitions, which have boosted the company’s overall position in the market.


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1) Sample of 15 telecom companies was made

2) Financial data on Revenue and Profit along with number of subscribers was collected from latest reported data

3) The companies were ranked on a common factor ( weightage : 40% Revenue, 30% Profit and 30% Subscribers) Source

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