Top 10 Telecom Companies in United Kingdom (UK)

UK is one of the largest telecommunication market in entire Europe. With a lot of global brands in UK, the market penetration is extremely high in the entire UK. The mobile and broadband penetration in UK is much ahead of the European average, with some of the biggest telecom companies having a stronghold in UK.

There is also an overview of operators services for enterprises.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Telecom Companies in UK :

10. GiffGaff

Giffgaff is a mobile telephone network owned by Telefonica with headquarters in Uxbridge, UK. It is using O2 network for running as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

Giffgaff comes from the Scottish slang for mutual giving – a true reflection of how the company interacts with its customer. Also, Giffgaff was ranked as best UK telco for customer satisfaction!

Image result for giffgaff sim cardYear                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                   £   78.95 mill              £ 138m

Profits:                       £   38.2 mill

Total Subscribers:        0.8 mill                1.205m

GiffGaff services can be used for Business purposes as well although there is not an special department or services for business users.


9. Lycamobile

Lycamobile is a telecom service provider which provides low-cost and high-quality international calls operating as MVNO in 21 countries.

Image result for lycamobile sim card


Year                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                 £ 1.1 bill                     $ 1.68 bill

Profits:                    £ 41.3 mill

Total Subscribers:     3.1 mill                 ~12 mill

Lycamobile also have unique plans for private and business users – not special products for business users.


8. Talk Talk Group

TalkTalk Telecom Group is a UK based company engaged in broadband and fixed line voice & telecom businesses.

Image result for talktalk sim card


Year                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                      £  1.6 bill                  $ 2.8 bill

Profits:                         £ 28 mill 

Total Subscribers:    5.5 Mill                        5.97 mill

TalkTalk Business is a B2B division of the TalkTalk Group; Providing telecoms and broadband solutions for businesses of all sizes.

7. 3 

Owned by Hutchinson Whampoa (HW), 3 is an umbrella brand under which several broadband internet providers and mobile phone networks operate in 10 countries, UK being one.

Year                                 2014                         2015                       2016

Revenue:                   £ 2.044 bill                £  3.22 bill 

Profits:                       £ 207 mill

Total Subscribers:      9.8 mill                  10.3 mill

Three have dedicated Business department.


6. Virgin Mobile UK

Virgin Media is a media and telecom service provider operating as Virgin Mobile UK in United Kingdom. Virgin Mobile also operates in India, Qatar, South Africa, Australia, Canada, France, and the US. The company operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and provides its service through T-Mobile network.

Image result for Virgin Mobile sim card

Year                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                      £ 1.026 bill             $ 6.57 bill

Profits:                         £ 161.6 mill

Total Subscribers:      4.309 mill            ~8 mill

Virgin Media Business provides UK business internet and all other                                                                                                      telecommunications services.

5. O2

O2 or Telefonica UK Limited is one of the largest telecommunications provider in the UK in terms of number of subscribers. O2 provides network access to other MVNO to its subsidiaries Tesco mobile and Giffgaff.

Image result for O2 sim cardYear                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                     £ 2.973 bill              $ 9.83 bill

Profits:                           £ 357 mill

Total Subscribers:       24 mill                  24.73 mill

O2 have special department for Enterprises and SME’s and all their needs.


4. EE

Everything Everywhere (EE) provides mobile and fixed line services and it’s a joint venture of Orange and Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary T-Mobile UK. EE provides network access to MVNO operators like Virgin Mobile UK, The Co-operative Mobile and ASDA mobile.


Year                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                      £5,176m                 £5,062m

Profits:                          £ 1.5 bill

Total Subscribers:       28 mill                 30.94 mill



EE have tailored services for UK businesses.


2. Sky

British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) is the leading pay-TV provider operating in UK and Ireland. The core business for SUL had been broadcasting and it had expanded to telephony and broadband businesses later on.

Image result for sky sim card


Year                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                 £ 7.235 bill               $ 12.22 bill

Profits:                    £ 1.108 bill

Total Subscribers:       15 Mill                    16.03 mill

Sky have an special department for business users and their needs.

2. Vodafone

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications service companies with operations and networks in over 60 countries. Vodafone name is taken from ‘VOice DAta FONE’ – “to reflect the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones”.

Related image

Year                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                    £ 43.6 Bill                 $ 9.98 bill

Profits:                        £ 12.8 bill

Total Subscribers:     19.4 Mill                19.80 mill

One of the Vodafone’s focuses are Enterprises: to be a full service provider for business consumers.

1. BT Group

BT Group PLC is a British telecom giant with operations in 170 countries and headquartered in London. The Company’s activities are the provision of fixed-line and mobile services, broadband & television products and services, as well as networked IT services.

Image result for bt uk sim card


Year                                 2014                        2015                       2016

Revenue:                      £ 17.1 Bill             £18,87 m                18.90 mill

Profits:                          £ 1.9 bill

Total Subscribers:         19 Mill             ~31 mill

BT has services and departments for businesses of any size.


Ranking Methodology: Revenues were basic indicator.

Business markets

Business markets generated £9.1bn in revenue in 2015, a year-on-year decrease of 2.4% Total UK business telecoms revenues fell by £0.2bn (2.4%) to £9.1bn in 2015. This was driven by a £0.2bn (7.6%) decrease in fixed voice revenues and a £0.2bn (5.4%) fall in mobile revenues, partly offset by a £0.1bn (14.0%) increase in non-corporate internet services. Business mobile revenues fell by 5.4% in 2015, in contrast to the 0.1% compound annual growth rate recorded in the five years to 2015. Fixed voice service revenues fell by £0.2bn (2.4%) in 2015, continuing the trend of falling average annual fixed voice business revenues (shown by the negative 1.5% five-year CAGR), although these revenues are likely to be understated as VoIP usage is not fully captured. Overall, business retail telecoms revenues accounted for 24.3% of total UK retail telecoms revenues in 2015, a 0.7 percentage point decrease since 2014.

The proportion of business calls that originated on mobile networks was 56.2% in 2015, representing a 1.2 percentage point increase on 2014. Total business call volumes fell by 2.2 billion minutes (4.9%) in 2015, driven by a fall of 1.5 billion (7.5%) fixed business minutes and 0.7 billion (2.9%) mobile business minutes, although it is important to note that the fixed voice minutes shown here are likely to be understated as they do not fully capture the use of VoIP services.

READ MORE: UK Telecom Market

Data provided to Ofcom by IDC suggest that UK businesses made 17.9 billion minutes of outgoing VoIP calls in 2015, a 19.1% increase on 2014. This increase was in line with the average year-on-year increase of 23.0%, observed since 2010, and suggests that Ofcom’s operator data are likely to overstate the decline in business fixed voice call minutes.

Businesses accounted for 13% of all mobile connections at the end of 2015

At the end of 2015 there were 9.5 million business mobile connections (excluding the 6.7 million M2M connections shown in Figure 4.31), equivalent to 13% of all such connections. Businesses accounted for a higher proportion of all dedicated data subscriptions (16%) than of subscriptions including voice services (12%) in 2015, while more than three-quarters (77%) of businesses’ dedicated data subscriptions were M2M connections.

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