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Tokyo Hotel Offering Free Rooms in exchange for an Instagram post

In the bustling, energetic heart of Tokyo, in the vibrant district of Shinjuku, stands the Hotel New Shohei. This charming, business-focused hotel is taking an innovative approach to hospitality by betting on the power of social media promotion. Their intriguing concept has caught the attention of budget-conscious travelers and digital nomads worldwide. Tokyo Hotel Offering Free Rooms

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It’s not often that a hotel has empty rooms and decides that their value lies not in extra monetary gain, but in the virtual visibility brought about by social media posts.

The Hotel New Shohei is a perfect fusion of functionality and comfort, of Japanese traditions and contemporary design.

The hotel extends an offer that allows guests to stay in a single room at no cost. This enticing proposition hinges on a simple exchange – a social media post in return for a cozy night’s stay. But the generosity doesn’t stop at the room; guests are also welcomed with a complimentary drink, making their stay even more enjoyable.Tokyo Hotel Offering Free Rooms

However, it’s worth noting that while this offer only applies to the cost of the room, it can prove beneficial to those touring the area. The attached Charcoal Grill Restaurant Genya isn’t included in the free-stay deal, but that doesn’t mean guests won’t be spoiled. Each patron will receive a complimentary dish of sashimi and a beer, allowing them to savor traditional Japanese cuisine alongside their unforgettable experience.

In terms of what the hotel asks for in return, they keep it simple and hassle-free. A single photo and a mention on your social media platform are all they require. For those who don’t maintain a social media presence, the hotel is incredibly accommodating. Contact them directly, and they’ll arrange an alternative way for you to spread the word about your stay.

Bear in mind, this free-stay promotion is dependent on availability and applies solely to single rooms from Monday to Friday. Despite this, the value the Hotel New Shohei offers is indisputable. As a business hotel, you’ll find reliable Internet access, an abundance of outlets, and a serene lounge perfect for maintaining productivity. The regular cost of a single room is ¥5,909 – given the promotional offer, this is undoubtedly a fantastic deal.

The Hotel New Shohei, with its warm hospitality, comfortable accommodations, and forward-thinking strategy, has not only enhanced the visitor’s experience but is also reshaping the future of hotel marketing. The use of social media as a tool for brand visibility is a testament to the hotel’s commitment to adapting to changing times. If you’re ever in the Shinjuku district, do consider availing yourself of this unique offer, because experiences like these don’t come by often. The Hotel New Shohei awaits your arrival, ready to offer a memorable and affordable stay.

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