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Togo-Ghana Free Roaming Agreement Effective March 2024

Togo and Ghana have signed a free-roaming agreement in Accra, Ghana, which will allow users from both countries to communicate at a lower cost without having to switch SIM cards. Togo Ghana Free Roaming

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The deal was signed by Michel Yaovi Galley, director general of Togo’s telecom watchdog, ARCEP, and Anokye Joe, his counterpart from the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana.

The agreement brought together regulators and representatives of mobile operators active in both countries, including MTN, Airtel, Vodafone (Ghana), Moov Africa (Togo), and Togo Cellulaire.

Digging Deeper

The deal suppresses roaming charges between Ghana and Togo, and cell phone users in both countries will soon be able to communicate at a lower cost without having to change their SIM card.

In detail, call reception is now free for the first thirty (30) consecutive days for Ghanaian customers visiting Togo and for Togolese customers staying in Ghana, whereas it is currently billed at CFA240 per minute with Togo Cellulaire and CFA207 with Moov Africa Togo.

Calls will cost CFA8.67 per minute, compared with CFA279 with Togo Cellulaire and CFA550 with Moov Africa Togo before. The cost of internet data has been capped at CFA1.6 per MB, against CFA8,400 on Togocel and CFA200 (maximum) on Moov at present.

Roaming charges before the agreement

Before the agreement, roaming charges between Togo and Ghana were high. For example, incoming calls were billed at CFA240 per minute with Togo Cellulaire and CFA207 with Moov Africa Togo. Outgoing calls were also expensive, costing CFA279 per minute with Togo Cellulaire and CFA550 with Moov Africa Togo.

Internet data was also expensive, costing CFA8,400 per MB on Togocel and CFA200 (maximum) on Moov.

The deal will come into effect on March 1, 2024.


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