Tips for the carefree use of your mobile phone at home and abroad

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Set up alerts
In order to stay up-to-date on your consumption, you will receive consumption messages from most of the operators. As standard, you will receive a cost-free text when your bundle is almost used up (mostly on 80%), and another one when it has effectively been used up. You will receive a separate reminder for call minutes, texts and mobile data.

You can also receive reminders via e-mail or on a 2nd mobile number regarding the subscriptions of your family members. In this way, you can easily remain up-to-date about the consumption of your children.

Set a limit
In addition to alerts, you can also set a limit for the mobile Telenet products (King, Kong and Price according to Use). If you set a limit, your use will be blocked as soon as your bundle has been used up, or if you have used an additional € 5, 10, 20 or 50.

Set up blocks for carefree use of mobile phone
Block certain incoming or outgoing calls, (premium) texts, MMS and/or data traffic. You can avoid unexpectedly high charges in this way.

roaming alert

Simplest way for carefree use of mobile phone:

get Alertify SIM card


Be sure to carefully read all the information about rates when abroad.
You will always receive a text with the valid rates when your device makes a connection to a network abroad. Read them carefully to avoid surprises!

Data roaming abroad is automatically blocked at € 60.50 out-of-bundle. You will then receive a text with this message. Be careful, costs can quickly rocket if you cancel this block and decide to carry on surfing anyway.

If you want to avoid certain apps connecting to a mobile network abroad and using data without your knowledge, then be sure to switch off surfing via mobile networks before you board the airplane.


Consider buying a local SIM card
Within the European Union (if you are EU resident), you can simply use your bundle as if you were at home. All the reminders and limits you set will also work there. If you are on vacation outside the European Union, surfing, texting and calling will always be charged in addition to your bundle. The costs can then quickly become very high.  Do you still want to surf via 3/4G, or do you intend to call and text quite a lot? In this case, consider buying a local SIM card.

The possibilities of 1 GB depend on the device, you use whether surfing takes place with 3 or 4G, and the quality of the photos or videos the customer is looking at. Low-resolution images always use less than the highest possible quality. Here are some examples that will give you a better picture of what uses a lot and what doesn’t:

  • Surfing 44 hours on the Internet
  • Sending 34,000 mails
  • Sharing 1,000 photos on Instagram
  • Streaming 23 hours of music or podcasts
  • Using Google Maps for 17 hours
  • Watching 6 hours of Youtube, or 90 4-minute videos
  • Streaming Netflix for 4 hours
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