Tinkoff Mobile cuts roaming prices for Asia and Africa

Tinkoff Mobile reduces the cost of roaming services for customers traveling to countries in South-East Asia and South Africa. Now subscribers of the operator can use mobile communication in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Madagascar, Seychelles and the Philippines on more favorable terms.

Tinkoff Mobile customers traveling to Madagascar and Seychelles will be able to call 6 times cheaper. The operator reduces the cost per minute of incoming and outgoing calls from 249 to 39.9 rubles. The price of one outgoing SMS has decreased by 2 times to 9.9 rubles. Subscribers can also connect to the “Internet per day” package, which includes 50 MB of  Internet traffic for 399 rubles.

In Vietnam, the cost per minute of incoming and outgoing calls has decreased by 5 times and amounts to 19.9 rubles. The volume of the “Internet per day” package has increased 10 times, while now you need to pay half the price: 100 MB will cost customers 299 rubles. When the “Internet for a trip” option is activated, 500 MB for 1299 rubles will be available to subscribers.

In Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines, Tinkoff Mobile also offers updated prices for voice calls and the Internet. So, a minute of incoming and outgoing calls in these countries now costs 19.9 rubles instead of 39.9 rubles. The cost of a daily package of Internet traffic has decreased to 299 rubles, while its volume has doubled to 100 MB. 500 MB for the whole trip will cost the operator’s subscribers 1299 rubles.

Tinkoff Mobile customers can connect a daily package of 30 incoming minutes for 59 rubles, which is valid around the world and automatically turns off when returning to Russia. In addition, in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Madagascar, Seychelles, and the Philippines, the option “Unlimited instant messengers for a day” is available to connect. It allows you to make an unlimited number of audio calls and send text messages to WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, TamTam and IMO.IM. The cost of such a package in Madagascar and the Seychelles is 149 rubles, in the other countries listed above – 79 rubles.

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