TIM offering unlimited data in coronavirus areas

The move comes after TIM last week announced the temporary suspension of its “Operazione Risorgimento Digitale” (“Operation Digital Renaissance”) education project and roadshow in view of the spread of the coronavirus in northern Italian provinces, which has led to whole towns being quarantined.

Through SMS communication to some of its customers, the operator is informing about the activation of unlimited data for a month, free of charge. Below, the SMS sent by the operator starting:

TIM Coronavirus Giga Unlimited

This is the text of the communication sent: “TIM supports customers who reside in the areas affected by Coronavirus: from 27 February 2020 they will be able to use 30 days of unlimited data free of charge to surf the internet from the mobile line”.

As can be seen from the SMS, the Unlimited data for a month are therefore automatically activated by TIM to the customers to whom the above communication reaches.


The MyTIM application allows you to control your prepaid mobile lines and fixed lines from your smartphone and tablet.

You can log in using a MyTIM account with your email address as your username.If you want to create an account by connecting it to a fixed line, you can do it from the application by connecting via Wi-Fi to the FIBER or ADSL network of the TIM line you want to register.

We will be happy to receive your suggestions or any reports via the e-mail address mytim.app@telecomitalia.it

With this version of the MyTIM app, you can:
– Register a MyTIM account for access from the app or the web
– Manage and store your preferred payment methods.
– Receive help from the operator via chat or via the WeTIM community
– Track the tracking of your orders
– Buy TIM offers and products

By going to the official MyTIM app, customers interested in the promo will be able to see the details of the option activated automatically. In this regard, however, it should be noted that the description of the app does not specify any browsing speed limit.

TIM 5G Power Unlimited – Data, Minutes and UNLIMITED SMS

In addition, all the quality of TIM’s 5G and in safety with Priority Navigation and Safe Navigation, an Immediate Assistance service and TIM One Number. Price for the package is €39.99. The discount is available for TIM UNICA customers who activate TIM 5G Power Unlimited, provided that there is at least one mobile line in TIM UNICA that does not benefit from a similar discount and then is priced €29.99.

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