TIM launches TIM Titanium, a new offer with 30 GB for € 9.99

In addition to the new TIM Sound 50 GB , which can only be activated by Iliad customers or by customers of virtual operators (Kena Mobile excluded), TIM has launched a new offering, called TIM Titanium , which can be activated from today and until further notice in all operator shops participating in the initiative. tim titanium

The offer includes unlimited minutes and 30 GB in 4G to all at a cost of 9.99 euros per month. As usual, the offer includes a basic structure with 1000 minutes and 3 GB plus the activation of two free options that add unlimited minutes and 47 GB more per month. These options will be available indefinitely (they will be activated only a few days after the activation of the SIM) and at no additional cost. Up to 5 GB of free roaming traffic in the EU can be used.

TIM Titanium can be activated almost by everyone but always with number portability . The offer is available for those who require number portability from any operator with the sole exceptions of Kena Mobile and Vodafone. An activation fee of 12 Euros is foreseen (plus 20 Euros which will be debited only if the SIM will not remain active for 24 months) and a SIM cost of 10 Euros (except for local promotions). The transfer will cost, including the first month, around 35 euros.

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