TIM donates 1,600 mobile phones and SIM cards to Italian prisons

Telecom Italia (TIM) has announced the donation of 1,600 mobile phones complete with SIM cards to Italy’s penitentiary institutes with a view to bringing prisoners closer to their families during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.
The joint initiative with Italy’s ministry of justice is designed to help inmates contact their families via video calls after the government was forced to suspend visits earlier this month due to the country’s coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency.

It is also recalled that TIM has recently signed a memorandum of understanding , which has the dual objective of promoting the reintegration of prisoners into society by creating skills useful for this purpose and also introducing a training plan aimed not only at prisoners , but also to all employees of the Ministry.

TIM is therefore continuously engaged in order to meet the new digitalization priorities that have emerged throughout the Italian territory in recent days.

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