TIM in Nave

Tim announce new rates for maritime roaming

TIM in Nave is the rate for maritime roaming available on all SIM cards to be able to talk, send SMS and navigate with your smartphone in the open sea.

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Call and receive calls for € 2 per minute

Connection fee of 50 cents
Send SMS to 60 cents
Surf at 79 cents every 300KB


Tim sends an SMS to his customers to talk about roaming on the ship TIM in Nave

The operator has made changes to both the rates and the information SMS , which contains the following text: “ Tim good summer! If you are traveling we remind you that in the open sea you can continue talking and surfing the internet at a dedicated rate. Call and receive calls for 2 euros per minute, SMS for 60 cents, surf for 79 cents every 300 KB. We invite you to always inform yourself on the Tim website before departure and if you do not want to take advantage of Tim in Nave you can disable the roaming option or enter the flight mode directly from your terminal. You can also disable the data connection only. For more info go to TIM.it. “.

Tim recalls that since April 26, 2020, the pricing for data traffic carried out in maritime roaming has gone from 79 euro cents to 26.3 euro cents per 100 KB of mobile internet browsing . Furthermore, with Tim in Nave it is possible to call or receive phone calls at a cost of 2 euros per minute and send SMS for 60 euro cents.

The fare is available offshore. As soon as the service is active, either the TIM @ Sea network identification or a code starting with 901 will appear on the phone display. If you do not want to use maritime roaming, you can activate the flight mode from the settings of your mobile terminal, while if you don’t just want to surf, Tim recommends disabling the data connection from your device.

TIM in Nave is available in the open sea and as soon as it is activated, one of the following maritime network identifiers will be displayed on the mobile phone: “TIM @ Sea” or a code starting with “901”.


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