TikTok not only for gen Z, analysis shows

SentiOne, the European social listening platform powered by AI, launches a new feature awaited by marketeers – monitoring and analysis of data from TikTok. This is the first tool that offers such extensive coverage of this app. In addition to the tracking of hashtags or the number of views, it also allows users to monitor and analyze the content of video descriptions, comments, brands mentions, and detect emotions in TikTok content. tiktok gen z

The new feature is available worldwide in all 75 languages supported by SentiOne. FMCG and entertainment brands doing well on TikTok.

As part of the tests of the new SentiOne feature, the company looked at the TikTok activity of the most popular business accounts. TikTok, besides being the procrastination tool of choice for Gen Z, has a profound impact on sound and culture — and savvy businesses everywhere are looking to get in on the action.

The ranking of most popular accounts on TikTok is led by TikTok, with over 62 million followers. It is followed by Netflix, NBA and Nickelodeon. In general, FMCG, entertainment and media brands tend to perform well on this platform. Even traditional media outlets like ABC News and Washington Post managed to reach a wide audience – with 3M and 1M followers respectively. If brands are looking for inspiration on TikTok, SentiOne recommends analyzing the activity of European low-cost airline Ryanair, and popular language learning app – Duolingo. Those two brands stand out in terms of creativity, witty sense of humor and understanding TikTok algorithms.

TikTok’s analysis by SentiOne explains the magic behind TikTok algorithm

TikTok has one billion monthly users, making it the sixth most popular social media in the world. More than half of TikTok users spend on average over an hour a day using the app. Analytical tools available so far provide only numbers – followers, views or comments. Meanwhile, the success of this app is based on storytelling that cannot be measured by numbers alone. What is needed is a qualitative analysis of emotions that these stories evoke in a broader context. “Thanks to the SentiOne tool, it is easier to understand why some videos went viral, understand audience sentiment, what causes dissatisfaction or causes sarcastic reactions. Until now, to find this out, you had to read the comments section yourself, – says Agnieszka Uba, Head of Product Marketing from SentiOne.

For 10 years, SentiOne has been developing its artificial intelligence algorithms that understand human intentions with an accuracy of 96% and are able to identify emotions in online opinions – joy, sadness, anger or sarcasm. Every day, they analyze over 40 million mentions from public domains, such as social media, forums, news sites and blogs. The SentiOne social listening tool allows to check an unlimited number of keywords, understand consumer trends and behavior. tiktok gen z


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