The world’s first five 5G subscribers


According to a Forbes report, SK Telecom has announced five  – including their longest subscriber – who will get 5G services first in the world.

The Forbes report quotes a statement from SK Telecom according to which, “The world’s first 5G smartphone subscribers are Baek-hyun and Kai from EXO (K-pop idol group), Kim Yu-na (Olympic medalist), Lee Sang-hyeok (“Faker,” esports player), Yoon Sung-hyuk (para-swimmer) and Park Jae-won (SK Telecom’s longest subscriber).”

The report further reveals that regular users can sign up for 5G services starting April 5. Also, users will need to have a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G</a> variant in order to use and activate 5G services.

The race for getting 5G handsets in the market at the earliest seems to on. While Samsung is all set to officially launch the S10 5G variant on April 5 in Korea, Huawei also showcased its Mate X foldable phone. According to Huawei, Mate X is the world’s first foldable 5G-ready phone. Huawei had unveiled the Mate X at the Mobile World Congress in February this year.


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Samsung, on the other hand, had unveiled the 5G variant of Galaxy S 10 a few days before Huawei’s foldable phone. Interestingly, Samsung also launched a foldable phone but that’s not 5G ready. Apart from Huawei and Samsung, LG has also thrown its hat in the 5G ring and others are also expected to follow suit. It is widely expected that the next smartphone which will come from OnePlus will have 5G capabilities. In the next few months, 5G is expected to be available in several parts of the world.

For general customers, SK Telecom will start selling the ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 5G’ smartphone at authorized retail stores and official online store from today – 5 April.

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