The world’s first AI-powered auto-follow suitcase is set to arrive in airports

ROVER SPEED Launches AI-powered Autonomous Driving Suitcase

ROVER SPEED has introduced the world’s first AI-powered auto-follow suitcase through its newly launched Kickstarter campaign.

But unlike other “smart travel” travel suitcase brands that have come and gone, what sets the ROVER SPEED “travel robot” apart is its effortless autonomous control, obstacle avoidance with smartphone tracking and notifications – all created from the best mobility technology available.

The luggage — which has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $30,000 in just a week — is set to be released to early backers in January 2019. The suitcase will be available for pre-order for the next 20 days. A “Delivery Before Christmas” limited offer will be available for backers in the US and China who pledge to support ROVER SPEED around Black Friday, November 23rd.

“We’re thrilled to bring the ROVER SPEED smart luggage to the travelers everywhere,” says CEO He Tao. “We are confident that travel pros will love the innovations this luggage essential will provide them.”

As your travel companion, the ROVER SPEED knows where you are and sends alerts when your luggage is more than two meters away, ensuring your belongings are secure at all times. So whether you’re roaming through the duty-free store for deals or rushing to catch a flight, this self-driving suitcase will be right there with you.

ROVER SPEED is manufactured with only the highest quality materials that will withstand the rigorous wear and tear of travel, including cracked sidewalks, taxi trunks, and automated airport baggage handling. The ROVER SPEED’s sleek design includes an all-aluminum frame built with 100% German Bayer polycarbonate, silent wheels with retraction activators, ergonomic handle with sensors, and a generous 24-pound load capacity.

Its many high-end features include a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence powered guidance system and smart auto-follow via radar and camera sensors, among countless essentials.

ROVER SPEED auto-follow suitcase will also include the following:

  • Smartphone App to use as remote control
  • LED status indicators
  • Flight-approved 6400 maH removable, rechargeable lithium battery
  • “Grab and Go” auto-switch to manual
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Built-in power bank to charge devices on-the-go
  • TSA-compatible smart lock
  • Proximity alarm and alerts


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