The Republic of Moldova and Romania initiated negotiations to exclude roaming charges

Moldova and Romania have begun negotiations to sign an intergovernmental agreement stipulating that citizens of both countries will be able to talk on the phone without paying roaming charges, IPN reports referring to a draft approved by the Government.

With the entry into force of the agreement, citizens from both countries who travel occasionally in the neighboring state will have access to roaming services for calls and SMS at national rates, and the Internet surfing tariff will be phased down by 2022, according to procedures established at European level.

Even today I had a discussion with Prime  Minister of Romania, Mrs Dăncilă and she wants the same thing. We may even succeed in the joint meeting of the Moldovan and Romanian Governments, to be held on November 22 in Bucharest, to sign this agreement, “said Premier Pavel Filip. 

From my point of view, it is an important and logical step that falls within the range of other actions that bring us closer to Romania, such as: natural gas interconnection, electricity interconnection, the connection in the educational and cultural fields. This is nothing more than a closer connection between our states, “Pavel Filip add.

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