The most expensive places for business travel

The researchers calculated the average costs for hotel accommodation, meals, drinks, laundry, taxis and daily essentials

New York remained the most expensive place for business travel in the world, while Geneva was the most expensive in Europe for the fourth year in a row, as Swiss cities dominated the top ten.

New York is the only location in the world more expensive for business travel than Geneva. A business trip to New York costs GBP 611 a day on average.

“Swiss cities once again dominate the most expensive places for business trips in Europe, with five different locations in the top ten,” said Mr Franklin. “Switzerland has always been an expensive nation for business travel, and this year is no different as the Swiss franc has performed very strongly.

On average, the total cost of a standard business trip to Geneva was £554 per day, compared to £448 in London, according to the research.

London has fallen out of the top ten most expensive cities in the world for business travel, thanks to a strengthening euro, as new research from ECA International has found.

The UK capital was overtaken by  Basel and Paris this year, dragging it down to sixth place in Europe from third the year before.

Hotels in London and Paris among the most expensive in the world

The price of hotels in London and Paris is much higher than anywhere in Europe, with the exception of some Swiss locations. A room in London costs on average GBP 334 per night in a 4* hotel, making it the 11th most expensive in the world, while Paris costs GBP 364, making it the 5th most expensive in the world.

Top 10 most expensive places for business travel


  1. New York, USA
  2. Geneva, Switzerland
  3. Zurich, Switzerland
  4. Luanda, Angola
  5. Bridgetown, Barbados
  6. Paris, France,
  7. Nassau, Bahamas
  8. Washington DC, USA
  9. Basel, Switzerland
  10. Monaco


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