The ‘Joker’ stairs becoming New York’s newest tourist attraction

A set of stairs in the Bronx plays a crucial role in the new 'Joker' movie. Now they are getting the social media treatment

Joker, which came out on October 4, may have created New York City’s newest tourist attraction. The stairs appear in the movie when the titular character dances down them in full clown make-up. The scene was heavily featured in promotional materials for the film and clearly resonated among fans.


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It seems like those stairs, which connect Shakespeare and Anderson avenues at West 167th Street, are becoming a popular tourist attraction, potentially to the chagrin of actual Bronx residents.

Many are taking pictures mimicking the famous pose by the Joker as he danced down the stairs, symbolically showing life’s turning points as he gets further immersed into crime.


Instagrammers and Joker fans are flocking to the steps to get the perfect photo

Comedian Desus Nice, who co-hosts Showtime’s “Desus & Mero,” tweeted about the flux of people visiting the stairs.

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It is no secret the Bronx has had a rough reputation, one it’s struggled to shed. Though its associations with arson fires and crime may have lessened in recent years, it’s still not an area many tourists explore, despite being home to the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Gardens and Yankee Stadium.

Now, that could be changing — and the Instagram photos are proof. Here are a bunch of fans doing their best impressions of the Joker’s dance on location.

Some Twitter users have even highlighted the risks of the area, saying “people really trying to robbed and killed for real” and “i just want to remind everyone that the bronx is not a friendly place for tourist attractions you will get robbed.”

This doesn’t seem to be stopping people, however. More and more fans are posting pictures on the stairs every day and, as some users have pointed out, the location has been added to Google Maps.

Another user described the stairs as “nothing but an asthma attack and a swift robbery set up… But you know… Welcome to The South Bronx [sic].”

According to Forbes, Joker has grossed nearly $700 million, and CNN reported that the movie broke records bringing in $96 million in North America on its opening weekend.

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