eu common charger

The EU is one step closer to making USB Type-C the common charging standard for small electronic devices

At a meeting of this parliamentary committee in Brussels, MEPs approved by 43 votes in favor and two against the institution’s support for the creation of a common charger for portable electronic devices, with a view to reducing electronic waste and making it more convenient to use it on different mobile phones, tablets and digital equipment. eu common charger

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In a statement, the European assembly points out that “the new rules would ensure that consumers would no longer need a new charger and cable whenever they buy a new device, being able to use a charger for all their small and medium-sized electronic devices”.

Among the demands of the MEPs of the parliamentary committee is the inclusion of “clear information and labeling on new devices about charging options and that the European Commission present a strategy, by the end of 2026, for minimum interoperability of any new charging solutions.

The final approval of the European Parliament’s position is now missing, which should be given in the plenary session in May, so that the European assembly can then begin to discuss the directive with the Council of the EU.

The Council of the EU agreed in January its position on a new universal charger to start negotiating the legislative text with the European Parliament, aiming to benefit consumers and reduce electronic waste.

Earlier, last September, the European Commission presented a proposal for a universal charger in the EU , after 12 years of voluntary commitments from the technology sector, which allowed a reduction to three models.

At stake is a review of the RED (Radio Equipment Directive) community directive, which aims to ensure that electronic equipment using radio frequencies on the European market meets health and safety protection requirements.

Brussels therefore wants a harmonization of chargers in the EU, making USB-C the standard port for all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and portable video game consoles.

The idea of ​​introducing a common charger to reduce the production of electronic waste has already been defended several times in the EU, namely by the European Parliament, but it has been opposed by technology companies such as Apple, which have their own equipment.

Specifically, the issue of creating a universal charger has been discussed since 2009, when there were around 30 models on the European market and a voluntary agreement was signed between the main mobile phone manufacturers in Europe to harmonize it.

This made it possible to reduce the number of models and, currently, there are three main types of chargers on the European market: USB 2.0 Micro B, USB-C and the Lightning system, used exclusively by Apple devices. However, the agreement between the industry expired in 2014 and since then the European Parliament has been raising its voice urging the European Commission to adopt binding rules to develop a single charger. eu common charger


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