The Best Travel Phones in 2021

From digital maps to translations to photography to reservations, smartphones have radically changed the way we travel. But when it comes to features, not all phones are created equal. The Best Travel Phones 

1. Google Pixel 3a

Even though this phone is available through Verizon and T-mobile, you can get it already unlocked through Google’s official store or Amazon. The phone comes with a great battery life – suitable for a whole day of sightseeing without any chargers around.

The Google Pixel 3a compromises a little bit when it comes to processor speed and OLED screen quality. However, at this price, this phone is a bargain – coming with a great camera to snap all those perfect shots on your vacation.

2. Motorola G7 Power The Best Travel Phones

One thing about this phone is that it can work with any GSM-based carriers, like AT&T or T-Mobile, or CDMA-based carriers, like Verizon or Sprint. On top of that, G7 Power comes with tremendous battery perfect for long trips where you need your GPS to guide you and still need the energy to take gorgeous pictures.

At this price, the Motorola G7 Power comes with great software, awesome performance, a huge battery life, and great flexibility when it comes to networks. However, sacrifices had to be made, so the display isn’t the greatest, and neither the design. Also, if you’re planning to do some gaming on the road, this might not be the best device to do it on.

3. OnePlus Nord N10 5G

Play it smooth with 90 Hz The N10 5G display refreshes 50% faster than standard 60 Hz displays, making it more responsive and smoother. Swipe and scroll with an upgraded viewing experience on the new N10 5G. 5G vs 4G? It’s not even a fair fight. It’s finally time to upgrade to the next chapter of mobile technology – 5G.

The N10 5G packs a powerful punch, featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 chipset powered by an octa-core CPU, enabling you to reach powerful 5G speeds. Sound coming at you left and right. The N10 5G takes sound seriously. Dual speakers produce an immersive stereo audio experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content. A picture is worth a thousand words. And also millions of pixels. The N10 5G has a 64 MP main camera, and three others that capture stunning details. Switch between a 119° ultra-wide, macro, and monochrome lens.

4. Samsung Galaxy A50

This budget phone from Samsung comes with a great camera – to immortalize all those priceless memories from your travels, with ultrawide and shallow depth-of-field photos. Additionally, in this price range, it has one of the finest displays of 6.4 inches, Full HD, AMOLED, slim bezels and Infinity-U Notch.

When it comes to performance, the A50 has pretty high standards. With the Exynos 9610 silicon and 4GB of RAM  – it can handle any vacation-related task you throw at it. It also comes with a SD-Card slot, meaning that you will not run out of storage to keep all the photographs that you take during your trip.

5. ASUS Zenfone 6 The Best Travel Phones

The ASUS Zenfone 6 is a great smartphone overall, not just for traveling.  With 2 rear cameras, a 48MP sensor and a 13MP ultrawide shooter, nothing will escape your photos this vacation. And because of the hinged design, the same rear cameras are used for selfies as well, so your face will look the best in your new selfies.

When it comes to performance, you could think this is a flagship phone, if you didn’t know better. However, to keep this price, some cuts had to be made – the overall design isn’t the greatest, the display is of medium quality and when you hold it in our hand, the phone feels rather heavy.

6. Samsung Galaxy S10+ The Best Travel Phones

Samsung Galaxy S10+ might be on the pricier end of this list, but it had to be mentioned. Immersive display, ultrasonic fingerprint, excellent cameras and amazing performance – some of the things that define this smartphone. You can add on top of that a great battery life and you’ve got yourself the perfect package for a great vacation!

However, the hole punch in the display can be a little distracting and awkward at times. Also, there are some confusing gesture controls that will take some time to get used to. All that, and with the steep price, can be considered the cons of this phone.

7. Blackview BV9100 13000mAh 4G Ruggedized Smartphone

60 days standby time, stay connected at any time

The largest capacity battery in smartphone is here — 13000mAh in BV9100. BV9100 offers the ultimate solution to the big battery needs of modern smartphone users. It kills your low battery anxiety once and for all.

Fully charged in 2.5 hours, faster than ever

The BV9100 employs top level 30W (5V/6A) super-fast charging technology. You can fully charge the 13000mAh battery in 2.5 hours. Twice as fast as 9V/2A charging.

Tough from inside out, a reliable partner you can trust

Every component is designed for being super tough. The four corners of the internal structure is protected by impact buffers. Its fuselage is covered with industrial-leading soft rubber. Two sides of the phone are reinforced with anti-wear aluminum alloy. They complement each other, achieving 360-degree all-round collision mitigation.

Alternatives to an Unlocked Phone During International Travel

If you can’t get your phone unlocked or if it cannot physically work overseas, you still have some option to communicate while abroad.

1. Use WiFi

Even if your phone doesn’t have any signal while you’re abroad, that doesn’t mean that you can’t connect to the available WiFi. You can replace voice and text with third-party apps – if you think about it, almost everything we do today on our smartphones is online, so, technically, what you need is WiFi.

2. Rent a phone The Best Travel Phones

There are a number of companies and airports where you can rent a phone when you arrive at your destination. This is usually cheaper than buying a new phone. This is only a good choice for short stays, otherwise, it can get really expensive and you’d be better off just buying a new phone.

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