TextMe integrates Truphone Connect

TextMe is a leading provider of freemium communication apps on mobile devices—both iOS and Android. Ranking consistently amongst the top 20 social networking apps, TextMe provides its users with a brand-new phone number as well as unlimited texting and calling in the United States and Canada—all at a fraction of the cost of the leading household name providers. Learn more about the new TextMe app features below.

It’s an extremely popular value proposition, but it comes with a crucial caveat: until recently, in order for this service to work, it needed to be connected to a network. And since its inception in 2010, TextMe’s most common complaint from customers has always been that they wished the product didn’t need WiFi to work.

The problem of always-on connectivity was hindering TextMe’s potential. That’s where Truphone came in.

Truphone Solution TextMe app

Truphone Connect is Truphone’s new platform for enabling other companies to bundle Truphone’s connectivity and eSIM technology with their existing products. Having democratized access to the company’s global mobile network, using a few simple APIs, Truphone Connect can easily enable an external company’s applications with access to a Truphone eSIM and global mobile connectivity, working on both Android and iOS or in IoT devices.

In practice, by integrating the Truphone Connect feature into their app, TextMe was able to offer its users all the benefits of having the phone number with texting and calling plans alongside a data connection. This enabled the app to function as a feature-rich mobile communication experience that truly rivals a traditional mobile plan at a far lower price. With Truphone Connect, Truphone’s global connectivity service is added to TextMe’s existing app, bolstering their offering instantly under a recurring revenue stream. Since implementing this simple connectivity to its app, TextMe has seen an increase in both customer retention and revenue as their offering becomes much easier to use and offers users a better overall experience.

Like Truphone, TextMe comes from a start-up, challenger background and wanted a provider that understood what it means to have a nimble, tech-savvy approach to product development. With superior technical documentation, an easy-to-use staging environment and a dedicated support team, Truphone was able to iterate the product quickly and efficiently—getting the product into the hands of TextMe’s users in a matter of weeks.

“Truphone definitely solved a huge pain point for our users. By integrating Truphone Connect into the TextMe app, we are finally able to provide our users with the long-requested feature of a data connection in combination with the TextMe phone number, texting and calling plans. We think it’s going to be huge and we’re really excited about growing it in 2021.” said Amy Nicole Hernandez, CFO & VP Business Operations at TextMe.


Why Truphone?

• Powers up your customer offering, providing seamless service anywhere in the world. No WiFi is needed.
• Potential for a significant increase in revenue from your userbase
• Increased customer retention through our unique product enhancement
• Agile and efficient. Be up and running with state-of-the-art technology in a matter of weeks


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